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Welcome to Acorn Class



We have had a lovely start to the summer term, we have welcomed our new starters and are excited to explore our new theme 'Ready, Steady, Grow!' 

The Nursery Team


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The Acorn Class teacher is Mrs Hyland. 

She is supported by three full time Early Years Practitioners, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Webb and Mrs Noakes.


Please remember...


  • Rhyme Time and Activity Bags are for you to enjoy with your child at home. They are placed in your childs' tray to be taken home for a week, and new one will be given out when you return it.

  • Your child may choose any book with a luminous label from our Trust Library. Please ensure they only take one book at a time and that you return your book before taking another. Thank you.

  • Don't forget...If your child has a 'Marvelous Moment' to share, we would love to hear about it. Please reply to the 'Parent Share' emails, you can now include photographs and short videos with your children's achievements.  The children have really enjoyed sharing their amazing learning with their friends.



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Our Learning 2017-2018

Sports Day 2018

Staff, parents and children had an excellent time at our sports day.  The children were able to practice a variety of physical skills and to compete in a team, the staff tried hard not to get too competitive and the parents made us all proud with their efforts in the family race!

Term 6 - Superworm!

We were excited to start our final term learning about the creatures the children discovered in our garden last term, and to make it even better we combined it with the children's love of superheros!  We started the term learning about the story 'Superworm', we followed instructions to create our own Wormery and have been taking really good care of them.  We enjoyed retelling the story and thinking of our own ways to rescue Superworm.  We also went on a Superworm measuring mission, we had to find the superworm babies in the trees and problem solve who found the longest worm and who found the shortest worm.  We went on our class trip to Kent Life where we were excited to meet all the farm animals and explore the different houses.  When we returned to nursery we had fun learning about the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' which was a great way to combine our fascination of minibeasts with our knowledge of the animals we met at the farm.  The children created their own ladybirds and had fun taking on the roles of the characters from the story.

Term 5 - 'Ready, Steady, Grow!'

We had a great time learning about how things grow this term, we did lots of learning based around the traditional tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and had fun re-enacting the story and creating story maps.  We redesigned our garden to create a vegetable growing patch, fairy garden and sensory zone.  We have enjoyed tasting the beans, potatoes and lettuce that we grew and have been very excited by the increase in butterflies and minibeasts that the colourful flower in the fairy gardens have attracted.  

Term 4 - 'It's a bear!'

We started term 4 with our World Book Day focus, in nursery we chose to focus our learning around the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt!' which came in extra handy as we got to experience a real snow storm as the weather took a turn for the worst! The children and staff had a wonderful time dressing up as book characters, as you can see below!

'It's a Bear!'

The children had a wonderful time re-telling this classic story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', so much so it extended beyond book week and throughout the term.  The children enjoyed exploring the illustrations and creating their own representations of them using a variety of materials and we also went on a bear hunt around the school grounds.  The children were very excited to discover Boris the bear, he chased them all the way back to nursery where we realised he was just lonely and in need of some friends.  The children worked together to build him a shelter and they read him stories and had circle times to teach him to how be a good friend.  We also sequenced the story using words like 'beginning', 'middle' and 'end' and created story maps.  We had a wonderful time copying different body shapes and poses when we joined in with 'Cosmic Yoga - We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

Sport Relief 2018  - Acorn Style

We had a great time raising money for Sport Relief in Nursery, the children helped us to design an obstacle course in the garden and we challenged ourselves to see how many times we could go round the course.  We included obstacles to go 'over', 'under', 'through' and around and had to move in different ways such as running, jumping and climbing.

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Term 3 - On The Move


Our visit to the woods got us very excited about our new theme 'On the move' - we enjoyed learning about different modes of transport as well as exploring different ways to move our bodies.  We enjoyed re-telling the 'Naughty Bus' Story and thinking of new adventures he could get up to in nursery.  We practiced our fine motor skills when we created story maps and created our own vehicles from reclaimed materials.  We also had fun exploring lights and reflective materials and also used the ipads to create our own Naughty Bus movies.  We continued to take part in regular 'Art of Writing' sessions to build our large muscles and co-ordination and had a wonderful time exploring the ice and snow as the weather became colder.


Ashenbank Woods Visit 16th January 2018


We had a great time visiting Ashenbank woods and were so proud of how our children showed such bravery and independence on their first trip without their parents.  At the woods we used our senses to explore the woodland, we found different textures (soft, spiky, hard, bumpy and smooth) and used our ears to hear birds singing, planes flying over head and our boots squelching in the mud.  We also had a great time testing out our climbing skills on some fallen trees.  We are looking forward to spotting signs of spring time on our next visit!

Term 2 


We were excited to share our bonfire night experiences when we got back to nursery after half term.  We did lots of creative activities with paint, chalk, glitter and glue to create firework artwork and we used our descriptive language to describe how fireworks look and sound.  We listened to the ‘Firework’ song in our ‘Art of Writing’ and ‘Dough Disco’ sessions and then created large circle and spiral patterns using crayons on paper and water and brushes on the ground in the garden.


We discovered lots of spiders and webs in our garden and were interested in learning more about them.  We went on spider hunts around the school grounds and enjoyed listening to the ‘Anansi’ story from Africa.  We were also very excited to be involved in the ‘Bring a shovel to school’ event in which we had the opportunity to plant a tree sapling in our new school forest area.


We started ‘Friendship Week’ by wearing something blue to nursery and enjoyed listening to the Rainbow Fish book and video before creating story maps with our key people.  The children worked with friends to explore mixing the colours of the rainbow fish and enjoyed developing their mathematical skills by sharing out the correct number of ‘glittering scales’ with the little blue fish.  We also had circle times to discuss what being a good friend is all about and ended the week by making friendship bracelets which we gave to a special friend.  We wore our pjamas for ‘Children in Need’ which gave us a great opportunity to talk about how happy we are.


Christmas crept up on us before we knew it!  We had a wonderful time decorating the nursery, learning about the nativity story, sharing our Christmas songs with all the parents and carers at our Christmas concert and ending the term with our Christmas party. ​

Term 1

We have had a great time getting to know each other in Acorn class this term. Our learning has been centred around the theme ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ and we have enjoyed exploring a whole range of elements including our families, our homes and birthdays. We have shared circle time sessions to talk about ourselves and celebrate similarities and differences in the way we look. We explored measuring and using mathematical language to compare our heights and also the size of our hands and feet. We celebrated birthdays by baking cakes and extended the children’s independent role play by decorating the home corner and throwing a birthday party for Liam the puppet.



We also were interested in the changes we noticed in our environment so have spent time learning about ‘Autumn’ and using a wide range of the natural items we collected to support our learning. We enjoyed the ‘Leaf Man’ story and created our own illustrations and talked about where he might go on his next adventure. We have also enjoyed exploring how to mix colours that match the beautiful red, orange, brown and yellow leaves we found. The children spent time talking about the shapes and patterns in art work by Andy Goldsworthy and creates some sculptures of their own using sticks, acorns, pinecones and other natural treasures.


Part of our ongoing learning in Acorn class is centred around building the skills the children will need to become writers. We have weekly ‘Art of Writing’ and ‘Dough Disco’ sessions to strengthen our muscles and develop our co-ordination and pen control. The children love these sessions and have also shown some serious dancing skills at the same time!​