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Welcome to Term 2 in Acorn Class, we are very excited to get busy learning about our new theme 'The Brightest Light'. The children discovered a torch in our planning basket to kick off the theme, we will be exploring different light sources and playing with colours and shaddows. We will also be enjoying stories such as 'The Way Back Home' which will provide lots of discussion and curiosity about stars and space.


Our Nursery Rhyme of the Month for November is:

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer



Please read to the bottom of the page to see our latest photographs.


The Acorn Class teacher is Mrs Hyland. 

She is supported by three full time Early Years Practitioners, Mrs Goodayle, Mrs Webb and Mrs Noakes.


Please remember...


  • Activity Bags are for you to enjoy with your child at home. They are placed in your childs' tray to be taken home for a week, and new one will be given out when you return it.

  • Be sure to check the 'Ready, Steady, Read!' Display for a rhyme of the month, we will be performing them all at our end of year celebration.

  • Your child may choose any book from our lending library in the entrance hall, please ensure you change it once a week to gain a sticker on your child's 'Race to Read Rocket'.  Please ensure they only take one book at a time and that you return your book before taking another. Thank you.

  • Don't forget...If your child has a 'Marvelous Moment' to share, we would love to hear about it. Please reply to the 'Parent Share' emails, you can now include photographs and short videos with your children's achievements.  The children have really enjoyed sharing their amazing learning with their friends.



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Our Learning 2018 - 2019

We were very lucky to have some visits from Holly from SureStart in October.  The children had a wonderful time in her 'Wizard Workshop' where they explored different potions and made magic wands on her first visit, the children were able to explore using all of their senses and got creative when thinking of spells to make her turn into different animals!  On her second visit the children were very excited to dress as astronauts and explore her space pod, the children thought of some great space adventures and enjoyed learning facts about space from the information books that she brought along.

This half term we have been busy learning about the story 'What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday'.  It was a great way to encourage the children to talk about their own adventures in the summer holidays and also gave us lots of opportunities to explore all areas of the curriculum - we have been busy re-telling the story and taking on roles to act it out, creating maps and collages of the animals and engaging in building challenges to create palaces and jails for the robbers.  The children have enjoyed learning about numbers 1-4 through the 'Ten Town' program, we have practiced our careful counting and even had a go at forming the numbers.  We also spent time thinking about how to be responsible and caring citizens, we have reviewed our Acorn class rules and learned how to take good care of 'Tinkerbell' and 'Rosie' - our class guinea pigs.


As Harvest approached we switched to our theme 'Whats' in the Box' where the children were excited to discover some keys - this lead to discussion about our houses and homes.  The children have compared how their homes are similar and different, created representations of their homes to develop their mark making skills and had circle times to develop our listening and speaking skills.  We were very proud of the discussions that took place in our 'Pennies for Porchlight' circle time, the children were able to talk about the things they are grateful for in their own homes and they showed great empathy for the children who will benefit form all the kind donations for the charity.