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Attendance & Punctuality

This year’s targets are:

Attendance 97%

Punctuality 99.%


Attending regularly and being punctual has a direct impact on your child’s progress and attainment, so please help us to achieve this year targets.


At St Katherine’s School and Nursery we promote attendance and punctuality by every Friday giving out:

Picture 1 Attendance cup for the classes with the best attendance
Picture 2 St Katherine’s plate for the class with the most improved attendance
Picture 1 A punctuality elephant to classes with 100% punctuality

Attendance & Punctuality Policy

In line with Government directives the school will not authorise holidays during school term, unless they believe it to be exceptional circumstances.

It is very important your child is punctual as otherwise they miss early morning work that revisits and consolidates their learning. It also is unsettling for them and others to come in late.


If you are concerned about your child’s attendance or punctuality please make an appointment to see our Family Liaison Officer, Mrs E Parris.

Attendance Award 16th November 2018

Attendance 23rd November 2018

Attendance Award 30th November 2018

Punctuality Award 16th November 2018

Punctuality Award 23rd November 2018