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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing the children’s work.

Post Office Visit

On Monday 6th February the Nursery, Reception and Year 1 pupils were treated to a visit from Tim Hyde a local postman and two special guests Lenny the Letter and Postman Pat. They explained what happens to a letter once it has been posted and how letters are sorted by hand and machine. The letters are then sent all over the country and the world by van, motorbike, bus, lorry, train and even by plane. The children asked lots of questions and were very excited by the visit. The children in Year 1 have written a thank you letter to Lenny the Letter and Postman Pat for teaching lots of interesting facts about what it's like to work in Royal Mail.  They have learnt the importance of including a postcode so that the  letter gets send to the right address.

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Year 3 Ancient Egyptians Entry Day!


On Wednesday 2nd November, Year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from 'Steps In Time' theatre company. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching and joining in with the performance and learnt lots of fascinating facts about life in Ancient Egyptians times.



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Harvest Festival

The Nursery children have had an exciting week learning about Harvest Festival. They learnt what harvest means and talked about different vegetables and fruit and whether they were harvested by machine or by hand.
The children used the fruit and vegetables to print with paint onto paper. They then chopped up the remaining vegetables using knives to make soup. We talked about how to be safe and careful with knives. It was hard work.

We walked to the hall to see all the donations of food and the 'Harvest loaf'.


Once the soup was cooked we shared the soup at snack time. It was delicious!

The Reception Classes enjoyed spending their day dressed as Pirates and sharing a pirate party with their parents.

The Reception Classes enjoyed spending their day dressed as Pirates and sharing a pirate party with their parents. 1
The Reception Classes enjoyed spending their day dressed as Pirates and sharing a pirate party with their parents. 2
The Reception Classes enjoyed spending their day dressed as Pirates and sharing a pirate party with their parents. 3

You can see more photos of the Reception classes of 2015-2016 on the class page. Thank You

​Nursery Trip to Rochester Airport & Pets@home Chatham


The Nursery children have enjoyed an amazing day visiting Rochester Airport and Pets@home

in Chatham. At the airport we were taken on a tour of the Control Tower, the hangers and we were able to look closely at many of the aircraft. We saw planes, autogiros, helicopters and a microlight take off and land. The children noticed that the planes were all different, with wheels and lights in different places. The discovered that the petrol is stored in the wings and that some planes can land on water. They saw propellers with two and three blades and counted how many planes were in the hangar. The children were able to sit in the cockpit of one of the light aircraft, it was very exciting!

Four of our parents were given a surprise when a pilot offered to take them on a short flight. They flew over the school and back to the airport.

We all met for a picnic lunch in the beautiful sunshine.
We also visited Pets@home for a workshop with some animals. They children were able to stroke a Bearded Dragon and look closely at the locusts that they eat. They also got to stroke a Corn Snake. Then a Rabbit called Star and Guinea Pigs called Stephan and Damon came out to be cuddled and stroked by the children.
Please look at the photo's below and see what a great time we had!


​Nursery Sport's Day and Picnic

7th July 2016
The Nursery children and their families had an exciting Sport's Day. The children had practiced their races all week and on the day they were marvellous. Everyone took part, we even persuaded the Dads and Mums to join in, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We were blessed with great weather for the racing and the picnic.




Snodland Carnival 2016


​This year's carnival theme was 'Trains'. We researched the original 'St Catherine' locomotive and modelled our train on this locomotive. We also used original names for our Pullman coaches. The parents worked extremely hard to create our train and on the day it looked fabulous! We were very lucky with the weather for the judging but for the walk through Snodland it began to rain. All the children that took part were amazing and they were rewarded with a 3rd place. Well done to everyone who gave up their time to take part.

​Bee Bot Workshop


​Mrs Karen Simmons came to the Nursery again this term and brought with her the programmable Bee Bots. She showed the children how to use them and encouraged them to program their Bee Bot to go to a chosen spot on the mat. The children had great fun learning a new skill.

Storytelling  Visitor

The children in the Nursery were delighted to have Mrs Karen Simmons, an Early Help Worker from our local Sure Start Children's Centre, come and share a storytelling session. She brought with her a story sack, puppets and activities based on the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. The children were thoroughly engaged. The particularly enjoyed acting out the story using the puppets and making different emotion faces in mirrors.

Nursery 'Hatchathon'


We have been incubating Bantam and Duck eggs for the last three weeks. On Monday 13.7.15 three Bantam eggs hatched. The nursery children were lucky enough to see the chicks moments after they hatched. Once they were a few hours old the chicks were dry and standing up. The children were then able to have their first close look at the chicks. They then helped to make a safe, warm home for the chicks to live in while they are in the nursery. We are expecting the Duck eggs to hatch early next week.

Nursery Walking Float Snodland Carnival


The Nursery children and parents took part in a 'walking float' for the Snodland Carnival. This years theme was 'People who help us'. The Nursery chose to be the RNLI. Parents helped to make lifeboats, and children dressed as though they were on the beach, including buckets and spades. It was a glorious day, our brightly coloured float shone out and we were rewarded with a 2nd Place! Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped make this a wonderful experience for the children involved.