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Year 1



Friday 24th May

Peach - David for being more confident in his learning.

Pear - Ollie for trying really hard with his letter formation.

Plum - Ashton for putting extra effort into his writing. 

Friday 10th May

Peach - Thomas for always trying his best.

Pear - Dammy for challenging herself  when writing.

Plum - Ruby for working really hard especially in maths.




 Term 6


games and library days 


Peach - Wednesday

Pear - Monday

Plum - Thursday



Peach - Tuesday

Pear - Thursday

Plum - Tuesday



Peach - Thursday

Pear - Friday

Plum - Friday


Each, Peach, Pear, Plum, Welcome to Year 1!



Peach Class

Miss Williams and Mrs Brace




Pear Class

Mrs Kenney, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Collins and Mrs Duske





Plum Class

Mrs Kenney, Mrs Farrant and Mrs Byrne


Term 6



Term 5


Year one have set off to a great start this term exploring 'Landscapes and Cityscapes'. It was fantastic to see so many of them dressed up as builders. They had a great time trying different building challenges throughout our entry day.


Coming up this we will be exploring the story of 'Roberto The Insect Architect', 'The Great Fire of London' and different building materials.


I know we are going to have an amazing term learning more about landscapes and cityscapes around the world. 


The children loved creating their own houses for the Big Bad Wolf to try and blow down!



Term 4


This term is all about 'Food Glorious Food'. The children have already tried foods from different parts of the world and enjoyed sharing their amazing home learning.



As part of multicultural book week the food theme continued! 

We had great fun retelling the story of 'Handa's Surprise' and describing the delicious fruits in Handa's basket.


Thank you to all those who came and shared books with the Year 1 children, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Term 3


Blast Off!


The children have begun term 3 and our 'Blast Off!' topic by thinking about adventures and exploration. They had great fun on the entry day creating imaginary lands and  pretending they were on an expedition. 

Throughout this term they will be learning about real life explorers including Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus and how they have influenced the world. 






This term we will be learning about the traditional tale of 'The Three Little Pigs'. We will be retelling the tale and continuing to develop our writing skills through writing character and setting descriptions. We will also be exploring an alternative version of the tale which looks at the story from The Big Bad Wolfs' point of view.


We will also look at the adventures of 'Roberto The Insect Architect' later this term.  





In Term 5 the children will be beginning to develop their knowledge of division. They will be learning about fractions before moving on to develop their knowledge of numbers to 100.

Thank you for all your support in helping the children to practise their times tables, we are very proud of their progress so far. This term we will continue to develop confidence in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. 





In Year One we encourage the children to read everyday and the home school reading books MUST come into school everyday even if they have not finished the book.  

The children have the opportunity to change their reading book everyday and we will keep you updated when your child has read with an adult in school.  We really value your comments, so please sign and comment whenever your child has read a book.  If you would like to keep the book a little longer or revisit it at a later time, please let us know.  


ERIC Time (Everyone Reads In Class) will continue every Friday afternoon.  To encourage and inspire the children to enjoy reading, all children and adults in class will be reading at this time.

 ERIC TIME has been a great success across the school and we look forward to continuing to inspire a love of reading this term . 



This term the children are very excited to use the school swimming pool. They will also take part in a games lesson each week so we would like children to keep their full kit in school at all times.  This should include shorts, t-shirts and plimsolls and jogging bottoms.


Please can all items of uniform be clearly named, this includes PE kit.  Children find it very hard to identify their own tie or jumper!  




The children will be able to borrow a book from our school library each week.  Please could you ensure the book is well looked after and returned every week.


Peach Class - Tuesday

Pear Class - Friday

Plum Class - Friday


If you have any queries or would like further information, please do not hesitate to ask the Year 1 team.


Thank you.





The children will be receiving a reading comprehension and a phonics activity sheet each week.  They will receive these on Friday and they need to be returned by the following Wednesday.  On Mondays the children will receive times tables to practise which they will be tested on each Friday. In year 1 we focus on multiples of 2, 10 and 5 and the children can progress through a bronze, silver and gold challenge for each.

From Term 3 the children will receive 6 spelling words based on the phonics and tricky words they have been practising that week.  They will have a spelling quiz the following Friday.


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