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The Year 3 Classes

The following provides an outline of the teaching staff responsible for each class.


Hazel Class  


Class Teacher: Mrs Kane

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Crittenden


Almond Class 


Class Teacher: Miss Cheeseman

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Coates and Mrs Webb


Walnut Class 


Class Teacher: Miss Whittaker

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gower



Welcome to Term Two!



This term our topic is Treasures of Ancient Egypt.

Young archaeologists, get your magnifying glasses and brushes to the ready as we will be uncovering the history that lies in the desert land of Egypt. Our new topics offers so many exciting learning opportunities across the curriculum.

In History we will look at various sources of evidence that give us clues about what life was like in the past (how the Ancient Egyptians lived and what they believed).

In Geography we will be finding out all about the significance of the River Nile.

In Art and DT we will explore some Egyptian murals as well as planning and making our own historical artefacts.




This term we will be looking at examples of information texts. We will explore the features of these to produce our own non- chronological reports based upon our Ancient Egyptian topic. We will be transferring these skills to our topic lessons and will be making cross curricular links where possible, for example writing news reports about the famous discovery of Tutankhamun. Later this term we will begin to look at Myths and Legends and instructions.


Year 3 will continue to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) and will undertake SPAG testing termly. We are teaching the necessary skills in class however, you may wish to consider this at home to support in school activities. 

Spelling tests will continue to be every Thursday.






During Maths we will begin to explore fractions of shapes and sets of objects and begin to recognise fractions as numbers. We will also be looking at how to use various operations and continue to learn our times table facts. We are focussing on x2, x3, x4, x5, x10. We will then be going on to looking at our x6 and x8.

We will have a times table test each week and a mental maths test every other week.




This term we will be learning about ‘Humans and other animals’. We will focus on identifying that animals and humans need the right types of nutrition and the importance of skeletons and muscles for support.


Things to remember:

Homework will be set on Friday and should be returned on Monday. English will be set one week and Maths the next. Sometimes Homework will be set to support Topic.

We encourage children to read as much as possible from their own books, school library and local library. In addition, each child will have the opportunity to change their own Home School Reading Book either daily or when completed, but we encourage children to change these at least once a week.

The children have all been given an 'Active Learn' login so they can access books online at home.



Pen License

In year 3, we will be encouraging children to work towards earning their pen licence to have the privilege of writing in pen in curriculum areas. If you would like to provide a pen for your child we recommend either a Parker or a Lamy fountain pen, otherwise the school will supply pens along with all other necessary stationary.



P.E Kits and Uniform


We ask that all uniform is clearly named.

We expect all children to be equipped with a full PE kit: shorts, t-shirt, socks and plimsolls as well as a jumper and tracksuit bottoms or leggings whilst the weather is cold.

Please ensure kits are named and in school all week as timetabling may change.

For swimming children must come equipped with a swim suit (boys trunks not shorts), swimming hat and towel.

Children with pierced ears should remove earrings for all PE sessions including swimming, and must have their hair tied back for health and safety reasons.



Please note: Swimming will take place in Terms 2,4 and 6 for Year 3. This will be replaced by Gymnastics in Terms 1, 3 and 5.






















If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask.


 Thank you


The Year 3 Team

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Photos from our entry day

We enjoyed our entry day. Here are some of the things we got up to.

See our galley page for further pictures.

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