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Year 4

The adults that will help you with your learning this year are:


  Spruce Fir Pine
Class Teacher Miss Crittenden Mrs Whelan and Mrs Wright Mr Baker
Teaching Assistants

Mrs Chapman

Mrs Bullock Mrs Greaves and Miss Abbott


Mr Adams will also be assisting all three classes in a HLTA role.




We are very excited for the children to participate in Physical Education through our games, swimming, gymnastics and dance lessons. At St. Katherine’s we are very fortunate to have our own swimming pool that is now to be open all year round. This therefore means that the children will alternate between a swimming term and a gymnastics term.


Details are shown below:


  Spruce Fir Pine
Swimming/Gymnastics Friday Wednesday Wednesday
Games Monday Tuesday Monday
Dance Wednesday Thursday Thursday


Please note that this term (Term 5) children in Year Four will be participating in Swimming. 

We would be very grateful if money for swimming could be paid online. If you are not sure about this please contact the office staff.  Please remember that we also do outdoor games this term, and the children need to remember the P.E kits. 


This terms topic is called...


The Generation Game


During this term, our topic is the Generation game. Throughout this topic, we will be making lots of links to the other curriculum areas.   Here are a few examples of what we will be learning this term;


  • How we can use art to explore the themes of childhood and old age  through creating a portrait.

  • The jobs which some children did in the past and how it compares to our childhood now.

  • About popular games and pastimes in the past.

  • What school like was like in different periods of history.

  • How to look after a babies need.

  • How to stay fit and healthy in old age,

  • What the effects of ageing are on the human body.




This term the topic in Science that we will be learning about is called ‘Animals including humans’. Here are a few examples of what we will be learning during this topic;

  • Describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans
  • Identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions
  • Construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.




In Year 4 homework is set every Friday and we expect it to be in the following Monday so we can go through it as a class. We alternate weekly with Maths and English, and also send out a weekly spelling detective sheet which allows the children to use their investigative skills to further their spelling learning focusing on a rule which we have learnt in class. Please remember that whilst there is going to be no set spelling test each week, we will be testing the randomly using words from the Year 4 spelling list, which we have sent out, and others which follow those rules.






Here are a range of website that will help you with your learning;


English links (Helps children with their spellings) (Helps the children to practice their comma skills) (Helps children with their prefix and suffix learning) (Helps the children with their conjunction learning)


Maths links (Countdown- linking to the use of the 4 operations) (Links to addition and problem solving) (Helps the children with problem solving)