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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
We are the mighty Oak, Ash, Beech and Elm trees.


Welcome to the Year 6 class pages.

Our teachers are Mrs Holt, Mr Tweddle, Mrs Bonnett and Miss Clutterbuck.  We will be supported in our learning by Mrs Sheehan, Mrs Hickling, Mrs Sallnow and Miss Blackman.


A busy time!

Year 6 have been very busy this week!

We had our first taste of the Year 6 SATs - they were tough but we persevered and gave our best. We know we have to work hard this year but also feel confident we can do it!

Some of us played in the first netball match of the year against Mr Holt's school - Leybourne Chase. Mrs Holt was very pleased when we won 7-0!

Our House Captains met the Mayor this week and took part in a debate. Look out for some more about that in the next newsletter.

We started a Year 6 Times Table Rockstars tournament with the Grand Prize being an extra playtime! Remember to keep playing to help your class win.

We also had our Harvest assembly - our last one at St. Katherine's!

We can't believe how fast this term has gone. We are looking forward to starting our new topics next term though.



Year 6 have been on various quests recently! We have all read a story called Barrow Quest and have been working on our own non-linear quest stories. We've really enjoyed this topic and have been inspired to create interesting quests where our characters have been forced to take on many daunting challenges to save the day!


It's Not Maths!

Our teachers have challenges us to find something that doesn't involve maths... so far we haven't been very successful as maths seems to be in everything! If you have any ideas, let your teacher know.


Race to Read!

Congratulations to those children who have made it to the first milestone in the Race to Read Challenge by reading everyday for the past 30 days! Fantastic! Remember to keep up the good work and keep bringing in your reading records. Do you have any good book recommendations? Let your teacher know about them!


Democracy and Voting!

Year 6 have been very busy during our first full week. We have written and presented persuasive speeches in order for people to vote for us to take the lead in various jobs and responsibilities this year. The school have been voting for members of the School Council, Eco Council and House Captains and we have also nominated ourselves to be part of the E-Safety Crew, School Librarians and the Sports Council. We are looking forward to getting stuck into our new roles and making improvements in our already great school!


During this first full week, we have also been working hard in our lessons. We wrote Sci-Fi stories in English about Alien Abductions! In Maths, we have been looking at comparing, ordering and rounding numbers up to 10 million. Our Geography lesson had us drawing a World Map from memory (we certainly had to use our resilience during this hard task!). Luckily, we were then able to use an atlas to find out the things we didn't know. In Science, we created mnemonics to help us learn about the order of the planets.


We are in the swing of being Year 6 now and are looking forward to what the next week brings! 


A great start!


We've kicked off our Year 6 journey as we mean to go on - working hard and having fun! Following our school values, we've been looking at how we can 'Aim High' this year and have been setting targets for ourselves for the year ahead. Well done to our first Headteacher Award winners who all showed an excellent effort in aiming high during this first week.


We have written letters to our future selves to be opened on our last ever day at St. Katherine's School (hold back the tears - we have a year to go yet!).


Now we are the oldest in the school, we have taken on lots of extra responsibilities (if playing with Year R can be classed as a responsibility!). We have been looking at the job descriptions for our Year 6 roles and this week, we will begin the process of applying, voting and establishing lots of exciting, new jobs.


Lots of our Year Sixes tackled the Kent Test during our first week. Whatever happens with the results, we are feeling confident that wherever we go, we will do well.


We have had a great start to our final year. We are prepared to work hard and are looking forward to the year ahead.





In English this term we will be developing our fiction and non-fiction skills in range of different text types.  We will use our topic as a stimulus for writing too.

We  will also be focusing on punctuation and grammar objectives and encouraging children to use them on their writing, such as types of conjunctions and parenthesis.



In our Maths lessons, we will following our new Maths No Problem scheme.

To help your child, we advise to regularly practise times tables and corresponding division facts.  



In our Science lessons this term, we will be looking at Earth and Space. We will focus on facts about the planets and the Sun and Moon and how they all relate together. 




Things you need to know...




Oak Class will have PE on Fridays and will also be running the mile and completing our personal challenge each week so PE kits in everyday please!

Ash Class will have PE on Fridays and will be looking at Hockey this term.

Beech have PE on Thursdays and will be having extra support from a PE Specialist looking at Tag Rugby.

Elm have PE on Wednesdays this term and will be focusing on Hockey.


Swimming for Oak and Elm this term will be on Mondays.

Swimming for Ash is on a Wednesday.

Swimming for Beech is on a Friday.





Library sessions:


Oak Class will visit the library on Wednesdays.


Home Reading - Race to Read!


This year, St. Katherine's have introduced a 'Race to Read' challenge. We still expect children to complete 10 minutes of daily reading that should be recorded in their Home-School Reader book.  These record will be checked in class daily. New to this year is that for every day that a pupil reads, they will move up one place on the Race to Read chart. At different stages along the chart, there are awards to be won.

We are very lucky to also have access to Active Learn Bug Club where books are allocated to children online.  Children can access these books on computers or tablets and complete their reading.  This can be done along side the book sent home from school and can be monitored online by class teachers.  Use the link below to access your account. 

If you have any ideas for his page? Why not let your teacher know!

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