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Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum


The Early Years Foundation Stage is a play-based curriculum, that is very much centered around the child and the child’s interests.


It is made up of seven areas of learning: (that the children will be assessed on throughout the year)

o Personal, social and emotional development 

o Communication and language

o Literacy 

o Mathematics

o Understanding of the world

o Physical development 

o Expressive arts and design


During their Own Learning Time the children free flow throughout the Reception area.

Our planning is very cross-curricular and follows the children’s interests. Whilst we do participate in whole school themes we like to plan our lessons around what the children have been enjoying.


· Assessment

Assessments in the foundation stage are made up of:

o Observations using the 'Evidence Me' application.

o Photographs and videos.

o Children’s work including any work they have done at home.

o Importantly comments from parents – we value contributions from parents and will give opportunities for parents to share these comments, especially on the parent share application. We want parents to be involved in their child’s learning.


We hope that your child enjoys their time at school and has fun with learning lots of new and exciting things!

Please feel free to speak with us at the end of your child’s day if you have any questions for us, however if there is something urgent do not hesitate to speak to us in the morning if it is likely to affect your child’s ability to learn.