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Design Technology

We block our DT lessons at ST Katherine’s so that it is taught every other term, for an hour each week, in years 1 to 6. We use the Chris Quigly Progression Curriculum for DT.  The curriculum is carefully sequenced so that children build on and develop their skills.  For examples in Year 2 children will make wheels and axels which is revisited in Year 5 when children make motorized buggies.


Each sequence of lessons follows are similar pattern, providing children with the opportunity to look at products and explore how things are made, they then have the opportunity to plan and adapt designs before making a product or prototype and evaluating it.


Children are taught the correct vocabulary throughout their lessons. They will learn about and make different structures and explore levers and will explore sliders, levers, pulleys and gears.


In Years 1, 3 and 5 children have a term of food technology where they make portable snacks, soups and bread.

‘In DT we get to make things like tasty soup, we could choose the flavours we used.’ Morgan, Year 3.