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St Katherine's School & Nursery - Local Governing Body


Please see the attached below documents which explain how governance is organised at our school.


The documents are:

  • Guide to Governance September 2019 – this outlines the different roles and responsibilities of the 3 layers of governance.
  • Scheme of Delegation – this explains which decisions are taken at which level in the trust.
  • CPP governance 2019 – this provides the complete list of those involved in governance.
  • LPS Local Governing Body September 2019 – this provides statutory information on members of the Local Governing Body.


The Articles of Association, Master Funding Agreement and Supplementary Agreements, and statutory information on Members and Trustees may be found on the trust website at:


Coppice Primary Partnership Governance
Coppice Primary Partnership Scheme of Delegation
Guide to Governance
St Katherine's School & Nursery Local Governor Information