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Lunchbox food safety

The Food Standards Agency advises that if food is carefully prepared on the day of consumption, there are relatively few foods where lack of refrigeration before lunch-time could lead to the growth of harmful organisms. However, sensible storage solutions can help address safety concerns. 

Use cool boxes and thermos to keep cold foods cold on school trips. Snack items should be stored separately to avoid opening, and thereby raising the temperature of the packed lunch. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when preparing your children's lunch:


  1. To avoid the morning rush, a packed lunch can be made up the night before and refrigerated.
  2. Dependent on filling, some sandwiches can be frozen in advance.
  3. Refrigerate fruit before including in a packed lunch.
  4. Use an insulated lunch box/bag.
  5. Include a 'cool bag' or a fruit drink carton, which has been frozen the night before.
  6. Avoid packing warm food in the lunch box.
  7. Always clean a lunchbox in warm soapy water after use to make it ready for next time.
For further guidance on healthy lunch box menus, go to the School Food Trust website, and/or the Brirtish Nutrition Foundation website.