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We currently run 2 sessions each day, the morning runs from 8:40am until 11:40 am and the afternoon from 12.30pm until 3.30pm. Children either attend morning or afternoon sessions and we encourage all children to attend their full 5 sessions after an initial settling in period.


The structure of a session

The first fifteen minutes of each nursery session is our 'soft start' or settling in time where parents can come in with their child and find an activity to do with them to help them settle. The nursery children then gather together to have 'learning time' either as a whole class or in small groups directed by the teachers where there is a different curriculum focus each day. After this the children return to their ‘Own learning’ where they are free to choose which activities they would like to do, for example playing in the role play area or construction toys. We encourage free-flow play so the children can choose to play inside or outside in the garden. During the session children have access to water and we have a snack time in our key groups where children may have milk and fruit. Towards the end of the session the children all come together for stories, singing and phonics or number activities.