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Mulitcultural Week

Multicultural Week


The Reception classes enjoyed celebrating Multicultural Week at school. Throughout the week we learnt about the Arctic. We were given a challenge to make igloos using various materials, such as marshmallows and cocktail sticks, cotton wool and plastic containers. We found out about and described animals found in the Arctic and were surprised to learn that penguins only live in Antarctica and not the Arctic! We listened to some traditional Inuit music - throat singing – and tried to make the same sounds as them which was tricky! We made traditional bread called Bannock. We mixed the ingredients and baked in the oven then enjoyed tasting it. Some of us found it yummy although others were not so keen! We used sponge printing to create Inuit Inukshuk sculptures and learnt about hot and cold colours. We used chalk and black card to create Arctic scenes. At the end of the week we had the opportunity to visit other classes around the school and learn about other parts of the world. It was great fun!