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Pennies for Porchlight

The Charity Porchlight is an organisation which helps people who have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to for help. It is aimed particularly at young people who are finding being at home particularly difficult.

This year the charity ran a scheme called’, ‘Pennies for Porchlight’, where all the children in the school were given a ‘Piggy-Bank’ cardboard House to take home and decorate and then save all their pennies (or 2ps, 5ps, 50ps, £1s etc., )

Then the children brought their decorated houses, with their money in, and we had a very special assembly where we put all the houses on the stage. We counted the money, (buckets full!) and were very pleased to announce we had collected a grand total of £1,519.48. We have used some of the houses in our lovely display along the ‘slope’ in school.

Well done boys and girls!