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Nursery Trip to Rochester Airport & Pets@home Chatham

The Nursery children have enjoyed an amazing day visiting Rochester Airport and Pets@home

in Chatham. At the airport we were taken on a tour of the Control Tower, the hangers and we were able to look closely at many of the aircraft. We saw planes, autogiros, helicopters and a microlight take off and land. The children noticed that the planes were all different, with wheels and lights in different places. The discovered that the petrol is stored in the wings and that some planes can land on water. They saw propellers with two and three blades and counted how many planes were in the hangar. The children were able to sit in the cockpit of one of the light aircraft, it was very exciting! 

Four of our parents were given a surprise when a pilot offered to take them on a short flight. They flew over the school and back to the airport. 

We all met for a picnic lunch in the beautiful sunshine. 
We also visited Pets@home for a workshop with some animals. They children were able to stroke a Bearded Dragon and look closely at the locusts that they eat. They also got to stroke a Corn Snake. Then a Rabbit called Star and Guinea Pigs called Stephan and Damon came out to be cuddled and stroked by the children. 
Please look at the photo's below and see what a great time we had!