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Guided Reading


For guided reading a new book  is gradually introduced through the week and at the end of the week we always have some questions to answer about the story.


Monday - Vocabulary

Introduce the new vocabulary explaining what each word means. Encourage your child to sound out carefully and think of actions for each of the words. Then read the whole story to your child.


Tuesday - Echo Reading

Read the whole story to your child again. Then read a sentence at a time letting your child repeat it back to you. Encourage them to follow on with their finger. 


Wednesday - Paired reading 

The children usually work with a partner to take turns reading a sentence each. Then they try to find and highlight the new vocabulary or words that were introduced on Monday.


Thursday - Question Time!

Answer the questions about the story. Remind your child that the answers can usually be found in the story.


Friday - Free Reading

Either go on to Bug Club and read a book or choose a book at home you wish to read.

Term 2, Week 7 - 14th-18th December 2020


This week we would like you to enjoy some free reading. You could read stories from your Bug Club library, or books you have at home.