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School Council Guidelines
The School Council is set up in order to give the children a forum for sharing their views about the running of their school. It offers children the experience of a traditionally run council and aids them in understanding of various citizenship and community issues.
The council is made up of representative from across the school. The representatives are elected once a year by their peers. The School Council is supervised by Mrs Loveland, but the children themselves run the council. They are assigned roles of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary. These positions are elected by the other members of the council.
The group meets approximately once a month to discuss issues and set agendas.
After a meeting, the children are given the opportunity to share ideas with their class. Any ideas the class would like to raise through their representative can then be recorded.                                                      

Our 2018/19 School council members

Our 2018/19 School council members  1

School Council Job Description