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School Improvement Plan Summary 2018


Outcomes for Pupils

  • Maintain and build on achievement in Phonics and KS1 results.
  • KS1: Continue to close the gap of pupil premium and SEN children in Writing.
  • KS2: To accelerate improved attainment in Reading and GPS.
  • KS2: To improve progress and attainment in maths.
  • KS2: Close the gap of vulnerable groups with particular focus on SEN and FSM.
  • Ensure non-negotiables for Outcomes are being followed by all.


Learning, Teaching and Assessment

  • Ensure pupil achievement is used to accurately inform differentiation used in lessons to positively impact challenge, pupil progress and achievement.
  • Ensuring that all pupils, including the most able, are appropriately challenged.
  • Ensuring that pupils read books that challenge them sufficiently.
  • Implement & embed Maths No Problem across school.
  • Regular opportunities for pupils to apply their fluency skills in problem-solving and reasoning tasks, in order to deepen their understanding in Mathematics.
  • Ensure clear progression of learning in subjects across the school. Making sure that the teaching of Reading and Mathematics systematically develops pupils’ skills.
  • Embed assessment in all subjects.
  • Continue to embed outdoor learning across the curriculum.
  • Ensure non-negotiables around Teaching, Learning & Assessment is being fully implemented.
  • To ensure all lessons are fully planned and all resources prepared.
  • Ensuring that teachers’ assessment of pupils’ progress are reliably accurate and are consistent across the school.
  • Ensure home learning is consistently applied across the school.
  • Continue to keep parents informed of pupils’ progress and attainment.
  • Maintain & Build on our Key Strengths.


Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

  • To ensure consistency of high standards of behaviour across school.
  • Continue to develop increased awareness being healthy and keeping safe in modern life.
  • To ensure high standards of punctuality and attendance.
  • Pupil leadership developed across school.
  • Pupils continue to learn about others views and show respect and understanding.


Agreed Leadership and Management spotlights for the year

  • To use the accurate monitoring of teaching and learning to share expertise resulting in further school improvement.
  • Embed governor visits.
  • To ensure safeguarding continues to be effective and all staff are updated on a regular basis.
  • To continue to develop leadership across the school through development of year group leaders, subject leaders and non-teaching senior leaders and ensure: They are consistently clear about school priorities and understand precisely what needs to be done to bring about rapid improvement & Their skills are sufficiently developed so that they can fulfill their roles with consistent effectiveness.
  • To embed staff leading their appraisal including providing evidence and locating appropriate CPD opportunities and ensure that all leaders are accountable for leading rapid and secure improvements.


Effectiveness of Early Years Provision

  • Sustain good level of development with particular focus on vulnerable groups.
  • To maintain the good environment and develop it further into a highly stimulating environment, exceptionally organised – so it provides rich, varied and imaginative experiences.
  • Continue to ensure safeguarding is effective and all staff are updated on a regular basis.
  • Consolidate good teaching and increase the percentage of outstanding.
  • Continue to develop parental involvement using successful strategies to engage parents, including those from different vulnerable groups, in their children’s learning in school and at home.
  • Develop greater consistency in identifying children’s next steps in learning.
  • Maintain and build on key strengths.






















These are the priorities for the school year