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As a Reception team we recognise that many children are still developing their social skills and that focussed learning is a skill that needs practice. We support the whole school positive behaviour policy and every class teaches the school expectations for behaviour and learning.  All of the children start on the 'Sunshine' at the start of the day and if they continue to show positive behaviour such as; taking care of everyone and everything; using kind hands, kind words and kind feet; trying their best; keeping safe within the classroom; and showing good listening when another person is talking, they will remain there. We also have a rainbow, where the children can move to if they show behaviour over and above the expectations and at the end of the day they will receive a house point, as a reward.

However, on occasions children forget and if after several reminders and opportunities to make positive choices they still choose not to follow our rules they may be moved to the 'Thinking Cloud' as a sanction. If there is an incident of violence towards another child or adult they may be moved straight to the 'Thunder Cloud' and it will be necessary for them to have a time out and you will be informed at the end of the day.