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wb - 02/05/22

It has been an exciting week in Acorn Class, learning about the traditional tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  Our favourite part of the story was when the giant says, "Fee Fi Fo Fum...".  In circle time, we shared our own ideas on where the giant may have gone, after Jack chopped down the beanstalk.  We decided that Jack should not have taken things from the giant! 


Our focus story inspired us the start planting beans and seeds in our garden.  We have been busy preparing the ground, since the beginning of term and now we have finally planted our seeds.  We sowed cauliflower seeds straight into the soil and sowed courgette, beans, peas and tomato seeds into little pots, to start growing inside.  We will give our seeds water and sunlight to help them grow in to strong seedlings, ready to be transferred into the soil outside.  


For our maths learning, we have been comparing sizes and using our developing writing skills to draw different sized flowers and putting them in size order.  We also had pairs of magic beans and had to choose which one was the biggest and colour it in.  


In phonics we are been exploring rhyming words and enjoying books from the 'Oi' series  by Kes Gray.