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wb - 06/12/21

With this being the last week of our topic 'Let It Shine', before lots of Christmas activities and fun next week.  We ended on a perfect story, called 'How to Catch a Star', by Oliver Jeffers, and now we all want to catch a star, to have as a friend! 


Acorn class have developed a good understand of light and dark, making links to day and night and patterns in their daily routines.  Towards the end of the week, we introduced 'The Christmas Story', and talked about the meaning of Christmas and how Christmas looks in our homes.  Recognising family traditions that our important to us and events the take place over the holiday season.  


In maths, we have continued to explore the number one, building our knowledge and understanding of what number represents.  We have been copying actions, such as, one clap, one jump, one turn. We have been collecting one object, writing the numeral for number one and spotting the number one in the environment.  After, the Christmas holidays we will move on to number two.


This week, we were very brave and excited when we got to walk up to the big school hall and practise our Christmas performance.  We are trying really hard with the actions and singing, we hope you are looking forward to watching us in our show. Please remember Acorn class can wear Christmas clothing on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th for the performance!