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wb 08.06.21

If your child is self-isolating or we are in lockdown due to the Covid19 restrictions please click on the link below for this weeks Home Learning activities.

It has been a fantastic week in Acorn class, there has been so much learning going! Our focus book 'Naughty Bus', has been a big hit, we have enjoyed a wide range of activities that have helped us to develop our knowledge and understanding across the early years curriculum.  


In literacy, we have been demonstrating good communication and language skills.  We listened well to the story, this helped us to learn new words and extend our vocabulary.  In our focus story, we noticed in the sentence 'Good night, sleep tight', the words 'night' and 'tight' rhymed.  This sentence reminded us of something our grown ups say to us when we go to bed, 'Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite', we thought this would be a good sentence to add to the story! 


For our phonics learning, we have been learning to discriminate sounds.  We have been exploring environmental and instrumental sounds, distinguishing between sounds and remembering the patterns of sound.  We continue to sing daily songs and learn familiar and new rhymes. Next week, we are going to introduce alliteration.


Our maths learning has seen us revisit a range of themes.  We have practised our counting, number recognition zero to eight, number nine next week.  We were very excited to measure ourselves again, to see how much we have grown since September.  Lots of us have grown over five centimeters taller! 


With Sports Day not far off. we have started prasticing our obstacles.  We all tried really hard and had great fun showing off our balancing and running skills.  It is going to be a close competition, Owl group have won for the past two years! 


We ended our week, learning all about the Queen.  We looked at photographs of the Queen from when she was younger to the present day, identifying changes in appearance.  Looking at real money was exciting because we noticed the Queen's head on coin and paper money.  We know the Queen is 95 years old and that 95 is close to 100!