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wb 11.1.21

If your child is self-isolating or we are in lockdown due to the Covid19 restrictions please click on the link below for this weeks Home Learning activities.

We have had an exciting week this week, with our first live storytime on google classroom.  It was lovely to see some of our little acorns, our children who were in nursery sat so well and went surprisingly shy and quiet.  If you missed it this week, not to worry, we will be running our sessions twice a week.  Our weekly sessions will be on Monday's at 11am and Thursday's at 9am.


Our focus book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' has been a hit over the past couple of weeks, we will definitely be reading it again!  We have also enjoyed reading other books linked to colour such as 'Pink is for Boys' and 'Bing Paint Day'.  We have been thinking about our favourite colours and talking about how they make us feel.  It seems, our favourite colours make us feel HAPPY! We have created some fantastic artwork using our favourite colours, these will go up on our display.  We had a pink monster, and a green monster, a few Peppa Pig pictures and a boy who looks like a banana!  Also in our story, the yellow crayon and the orange crayon claimed to be the correct colour of the sun, we decided to paint pictures of our own sun using a mixture of yellow and orange.  We thought this was a good idea to stop the two colours arguing and would make them both happy.


There has been a great deal of team work and concentration going on in Acorn class this week.  During our child-initiated learning, we have seen the construction area being used to make spectacular homes for different creatures.  This inspired us to have a little revamp of our gravel area in the outside area.  We decided we would turn it into an inviting space, where we can use our imaginations, from minibeast explorers to fairy garden magic.  It is still a working progress, but we are having great fun working together on our outdoor project.  


We are flying through our maths learning, soon to be future experts in number! It has been fun learning about the number four, we are always pointing out the numeral 4 when we see it in the nursery and have been practising writing it too.  We used the dice to see who could roll four and we all had a turn at adding four characters to the doll's house, we said it looked like they were having a party.  We even know that the next number that comes after four is five!