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wb - 12.10.20

Acorn class has been busy exploring their senses this week, exploring seasonal fruits and vegeatbles.  At the beginning of the week, we had fun painting pumpkins.  This encouraged lots of lanugage development, with conversations about who had been pumpkin picking or who was still to go, and what they were going to dress up as for Halloween. 


Normally in Acorn class we all get stuck in when it comes to cooking.  However, due to COVID Mrs Aveling took charge and demonstrated how to make a vegetable soup, with eager eyes watching attentively.  Everyone did get the chance to smell the raw vegeatbles before they went in the soup.  Once all of the ingredients were in the slow cooker, the smell of cooking vegetables travelled through Acorn class all day.  Some of us that wanted to try the soup found it very tasty.  What is your favourite vegetable to eat at home?


In maths this week, we reminded ourselves of how matching means things that are the same/identical.  Developing our skills further, we having been comparing shapes, sizes and colours, noticing if they are the same or different.  We had to complete a challenge this week to work with a friend and build one tall tower and one short tower, some of us conituned this in our play.