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wb - 13/06/22

Time is flying by in Acorn Class.  We have been enjoying every minute of the sunshine and talking lots about keeping safe in the sun.  One little acorn even knew what it meant to keep hydrated, she said, “Drink lots of water”.  The adults in Acorn Class are happy to apply sun cream that is brought in with the children, we do not supply sun cream. 


Our focus book this week has got us all excited, to take a journey on a train. The story is called, ‘The Train Ride’. We made up our own actions to repeated parts of the story, we earned lots of marbles for demonstrating great listening skills and recall of things that happened in the story. 


For our topic learning we explored a wide range of vehicles and had discussions in our key groups to share our existing knowledge of different types of vehicles.  We linked our phonics learning to our topic and played a listening game to guess the sound of the vehicle, it was quite tricky but we got nearly all of the sounds right.


We have started practising for next week’s sports day. Developing a range of skills involved with physical development, running, balancing and negotiating spaces, to name a few.


In our maths learning we have been looking at 2D shapes.  Our knowledge of basic shapes is fantastic, with some children able to identify properties of shapes.  Everyone enjoyed going on a shape hunt.  Another fun activity that we all really liked, was giving each shape an action and then doing the action when the shape was held up.  For example, a circle meant we had to turn around, a square meant we had to clap our hands, when we saw the circle we turned around.  We had to concentrate and listen well for the activity.