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wb 13.09.21

This week in Acorn class we have been reading a lovely book called 'Sophie says I can, I will'.  It is all about a little girl and her dreams of what she could be when she becomes an adult.  In our circle time we have been talking about the types of jobs/occupations we would like to do when we grow up.  Pictures of our aspirations will go up in the nursery entrance over the next couple of weeks.  


We have been learning and singing lots of song and rhymes, our favourite at the moment and most requested is 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'.  Joining in with familiar rhymes is a great way to develop early phonics skills, try singing a range of songs and rhymes at home, to build up vocabulary and confidence.  


Inspired by our story, we explored height in our maths learning. We looked at different types of measuring tools and introduced language such as 'tall and short', we went on a hunt around the nursery to find objects that were tall and short, making comparisons.  Some children used their knowledge and understanding of measuring in their own learning time and used bricks to see who was the tallest.  It is always fantastic to see our little acorns transferring their skills into their play, learning at its best!