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wb - 14/03/22

With the weather being to warm up, we can tell spring is upon us! We have been completing a survey this week, finding out whether we would like to visit a cold or hot holiday destination.  This idea was inspired by our focus book, 'The Snail and The Whale'. The outcome was clear from our class survey, visiting a cold place where there is snow was the most popular choice. 


We hope you visited our Facebook page this week and saw our volcano experiment.  It was exciting to see how the lemonade reacted when the mento mints were added.  It definitely reminded us of a volcano erupting, we are learning to recognise different natural features of our planet such as icebergs, sea and land. When travelling in the car or out on family walks, see what you can spot in the natural environment.  Can you see a hill or a river? If you go to the beach, is it a sandy beach or a pebble beach? 


We have been learning a traditional hand clapping game to the rhyme 'Pat a cake', it is helping us to develop many skills across the early years curriculum.  We are going to keep practising because we would love to show you how much fun we are having working together with a friend.  We are determined to master the hand clapping sequence and words to the song.  A video will follow before the end of term. 


We loved dressing up as Superheros or people who help us, to raise money for Comic Relief.  Thank you, for all donations.