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wb 14.06.21

If your child is self-isolating or we are in lockdown due to the Covid19 restrictions please click on the link below for this weeks Home Learning activities.

Acorn class have enjoyed their learning this week.  Our foucs book 'The Train Ride', gave us opportunitites to explore all areas of learning across the early years curriculum.  We had fun being creative, making a 3D train, using our mark making skills to paint the finished model.  We created a map mind, using our knowledge of transportation, to name different types of vehicles. We talked about which vehicle we would like to travel on,  and where we would like to travel too.  We defined the word 'journey', our understanding of the word being a 'trip' or an 'adventure'.  


We have been eager to explore the number nine, using our adult-led learning to learn new skills to develop our understanding of number, while revisiting and consolidating our learning in our child-initiating learning time.  


In our early phonics learning we have been looking at rhyming strings and had lots of fun, finding words that rhyme with each other.  Next week, we are excited to read the 'Oi' books by Kes Gray, as the author uses rhyming strings throughout his books.