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wb - 15/11/21

On Monday of this week, we joined in with 'Odd Socks Day', learning that it is important to be kind to everyone! This is one of our class rules in Acorn class, we promote kindness in everything that we do.  This theme lead nicely into Friday's 'Children in Need', where we listened to some heart-warming stories of where our money goes and the children it helps.  We had circle time and talked about all the things in our lives, we are thankful for.  We displayed our ideas on a star decorated with 'Pudsey' coloured spots on.


For our focus book we read 'Night Monkey, Day Monkey', and talked about the activities that we do when it is light and dark.  We watched a video about nocturnal animals and had a great discussion about why the animals might only come out at night.  We had ideas such as, 'Because it is safe' and 'Because they are hungry'.  


We have been using our gross motor skills to paint a day and night scene, thinking of different resources we could use and how we could use them.  


In our maths learning, we are securing our knowledge of pattern and recognising familair patterns in our daily routines.  We talked about the order of our morning and evening routines at home, and had excellent recall of our nursery routine.