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wb - 17/01/22

This week in Acorn Class we have been learning about a book called, 'The Heuys and The New Jumper'.  In the book all of the Heuys were the same, but one Heuy didn't want to be the same as the other Heuys.  This made us think about what we are like as small growing humans, are we all the same or do we have things that make us different from each other.  We watched a short video clip of children in an African nursery to see if we could recognise any diferences or similarities in our appearance or experiences. Another fun activity this week, was learning how to say hello in different languages from around the world. Do you know how to say hello in Japanese? 


In our maths learning, we met Thelma Three, she is a bit cheeky because she takes things that she shouldn't.  It was okay in the end because Thelma Three made the right choice and always put things back.  We are learning how to count small amounts of objects, and are eager to show off our developing skills in our child-initiated learning.  We have good number recognition up to three and enjoy number hunt challenges to find the correct numerals. 


Of course, we had lots of sensory activities to explore that made us messy, these are always the most fun! We had a fresh batch of homemade playdough this week, this was not Mrs Webb's finest hour, it was a bit too sticky and made our hands blue.  Mrs Webb is very sorry!!!