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wb - 18/04/22

Reunited once again, as we head into term 5, it is lovely to have everyone back together.  We have welcomed our new children to Acorn Class, everyone is settling in nicely and adjusting well to nursery life.   


We have been working together this week, to build on our communication and language skills, developing relationships with our peers and key people.  New children have now been placed in a key group, the key group list is in the entrance foyer to nursery.  


A big well done to all of our older children, who have been very kind and helpful to our new children.  Helping them to learn and follow the class rules.  Showing us their great singing voices when singing our daily songs, teaching us all the words and actions.  Our new children have had a great week exploring their new environment, we have been taking photos of their adventures in nursery to share with you over the coming weeks. 


We revisited our numbers, zero to seven in Ten Town (an online maths resource) ready to move on to number eight next week.  


For 'Earth Day' we had some great items of clothing/accessories modelled using old rubbish. Hair bows and bow ties are a great way to recycle an old crisp pack! We learned a new song to help us remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  We are very passionate about looking after our planet in Acorn Class and want to do everything we can to help. We know the difference between what goes in our rubbish bin and recycling bin and try hard to reduce our waste in nursery.  


Next week, we will be introducing our new topic 'How on Earth?!'.