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wb 18.1.21

If your child is self-isolating or we are in lockdown due to the Covid19 restrictions please click on the link below for this weeks Home Learning activities.

This week in Acorn class we have had two successful sessions over google classroom.  However, we must inform you that for the time being, we will no longer need to contine with our live sessions at the moment.  We are pleased to announce Acorn class is back open to all of our children.  If you are remaining at home and wish to get in contact with us, remember to send in pictures and comments via 'Evidence Me' or contact the school office. 


For our learning this week, we have enjoyed the book 'The Hueys In The New Jumper' by one of our favourite authors, Oliver Jeffers.  We had lots of great discussions about how we are similar to each other in some ways, but different and unique in other ways.  Using our developing mark making skills and knowledge of pattern, we created our own jumper designs for our class display. 


We have seen changing weather conditions throughout the week, we were very excited to discover ice in our outside area.  We talked a little about how it got there, but really all we wanted to do was smash the ice on the ground! We set up water trays for the next morning to see if the water would freeze again over night, but it never did! Midweek, saw lots of rain and a big hole filled with water in our mud kitchen, you can imagine the fun some of us had! By friday, we had bright sunshine and an empty nursery indoors for most of the day.  


It has been, all about the number five in maths this week.  We always like pointing out our focus number to the adults in nursery when we recognise it.  We are trying really hard to count carefully, now that we are learning bigger numbers.  Using edible treats is always a good incentive for counting! Do not worry, we are balancing out any sweet treats with exercise.  We found a new aerobics workout video that is good for exercise and our maths knowledge.  It showed us the number of moves we were on and had a countdown timer for our rest time.  We all pretended we were in a rocket and counted backwards when the timer reached ten.