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wb - 20/06/22

We have had a great week in Acorn Class.  We learned about a new book called ‘The Great Balloon Hullabaloo’.  It was about a hot air balloon ride to space.  The animals needed cheese for their pizza and believe the moon is made of cheese.  What do you think the moon is made of?


In maths, we have been practising our counting skills and securing our knowledge of number.  We enjoy rolling the dice and counting out objects from a large quantity, to represent the spots on the dice. Some of us even worked in pairs and didn’t need any help from a grown up, the adults in Acorn Class were very impressed with our teamwork.


Phonics this week, was all about making lots of noise with our bodies, stomping our feet, clapping our hands and making patterns of sound at different speeds. We always have fun with body percussion activities, the louder and faster the more fun we have!


One of our favourite activities this week was conducting a science experiment to learn how a balloon inflates and deflates. This linked nicely to our focus book because we know a hot air balloon needs fire/heat to rise in the sky.


Finally, to top of a very busy week we had our Sports Day, which was a great success.  Everyone tried their absolute best.  Owl group won for the fourth year running…..this is very lucky on something fishy is going on?! A big well done to everyone who joined in with the activities, we all had a great morning. 


Have a fabulous weekend everyone.