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wb - 21/03/22

This week in Acorn Class, we have been reading a beautiful book, inspired by the childhood of a real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield.  We have been really engaged with our topic this term, exploring a range of books that have introduced us to space.  We especially love talking about planet Earth and looking at the globe, sharing information about our past and future holidays.


In our phonics learning we have been exploring alliteration, this was lots of fun as we had to learn a new rhyme with actions.  The rhyme goes like this, “Tony Train, Tony Train, What Did You See Today?”. Then we had to guess the animal.  I can see something that is sssslippery and ssscaly?


For our maths this week, we explored size.  We compared different sized planets and put them in order from biggest to smallest. We demonstrated a good understanding of size, extending our knowledge and vocabulary.


Throughout the week, we have been completing our writing samples for our writing wall and making our cards for Mother’s Day. Lots of us are now able to write some letters in our name or even our full first name.  The grown ups in Acorn Class are extremely proud of how far we have come.