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wb 21.06.21

If your child is self-isolating or we are in lockdown due to the Covid19 restrictions please click on the link below for this weeks Home Learning activities.

This week in Acorn classs, we have been busy practising for sports day.  We know our families are disappointed about not being there to watch us.  But, we will still have great fun and promise to take lots of pictures. Let's hope the weather is on our side, and the rain stays away!


We enjoyed another focus book by Oliver Jeffers this week, 'Lost and Found'.  We realised the penguin in the story, was not sad because he was lost, he was sad because he was lonely and wanted a friend.  The boy and the penguin sailed to the South Pole on a boat.  We explored rhyming words that rhymed with boat, we thought of 'float', 'goat', 'throat' and 'coat'.  During the week, we made boats out of junk modelling.  On Friday, we tested our boats in some water, to see if they would float.  Most of them did, but when we returned after lunch, some of the materials had absorbed all of the water and made our boats sink to the bottom, we were quite sad about this!  Why not try and make a new boat at home and see if you can make it float in the bathtub or kitchen sink?


In our maths learning, we finally reached the number 10 and had lots of fun learning to count.  We dicussed how the number ten looks different to the other numbers we have been learning.  This is becuase the number ten is a two digit number, represented by numerals one and zero.  We watched a Numberblocks video that explained how ten is made up of ten ones, we made our own towers of ten using the multilink cubes, this helped us to understand that one tower of ten is made up of ten one cubes.  For the rest of the term we will be consolidating all of our maths learning. 


Remember sportswear on Monday 28th June, all children are welcome for the afternoon session from 12:30pm to join in with our sports day.