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wb 22.2.21

If your child is self-isolating or we are in lockdown due to the Covid19 restrictions please click on the link below for this weeks Home Learning activities.

Just like that, the first week back has gone in a blind of an eye! We have introduced our new topic 'iLearn', and we are looking forward to learning about technology and how we can use it in our everyday lives.  We will also, talk about the importance of enjoying and exploring more tradtional activities, such as reading a book, dressing up and being in the great outdoors and finding a healthy balance with our tech devices.   


Talking about being in the great outdoors, it only takes a little bit of sunshine for us acorns to have a spring in our step.  There has been some fantastic learning going on this week in the outside area, from string mazes to dinosaur kingdoms.  Personal challenges have seen imaginative, perservance and problem solving skills in full swing.  Some of the play we have seen throughout the week, proves just how important the process of play is for our children's development. 


In maths, we have had a great week exploring 2D shapes, lots of us were able to recognise and name a circle, triangle, square and rectangle.  But, it seems learning our numbers is what we want.  We have had many requests to learn more of our numbers, with some children remembering six is the next number we need to focus on.  Everyone will be pleased to know we will be back to learning numbers next week!  


Have a great weekend.