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wb - 24/01/22

We have enjoyed learning about the book, 'Ruby's Worry', this week in Acorn Class.  We showed good understanding of what it means to have a worry, we shared our worries during circle time.  Some of our worries were about spiders, monsters and noises when the lights go out at night.  But, we learned the most important thing we can do when we have a worry, is to talk about it with our friends, family or grown-ups.  We even had fun using our mark making skills to design our own worry clouds. 


In our maths learning, we have been exploring the number four. We are establishing a good understanding of number by representing numbers up to four in a variety of ways. We can do this by counting out small sets of objects, holding up the correct amount of fingers and doing a specific amount of actions.  Some of us have been eager to practise our number writing too. 


For our phonics learning we have been playing with sounds, using our voices to sing songs in a whisper or sing them really fast.  One of our favourite phonics activities is, 'Guessing the Sound' game.  This is a good activity to try out at home, what sounds can you here around your home or in the garden?