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wb 24.05.21

If your child is self-isolating or we are in lockdown due to the Covid19 restrictions please click on the link below for this weeks Home Learning activities.

We made it to the end of term 5 without any isolation periods, it is slowly starting to feel like normal life is upon us!


We ended this term with a lovely book called 'Anywhere Farm'.  It recapped all the things, we need to grow a plant.  It taught us that we can pretty much grow anything, anywhere, as long as we have seeds, water, sunshine and soil.  The vegetable seeds we planted at the beginning of the term have yet to show signs of life, but hopefully we will see some noticeable changes when we return from half term. 


For our maths learning this week, we explored the number eight.  It is a tricky numeral to write, some of us wanted to practise our number formation and tried really hard.  Our counting skills are developing well, especially now we are learning to count larger amounts.  Next term, we will be learning numbers nine and ten before we consolidate all of our maths skills.    


This term we have really enjoyed our topic 'How on Earth?!'.  We started off looking at why it is important to look after our planet and how we all need to play our part in looking after the environment.  We know that we need to reduce our rubbish, try to reuse items and recylce.  This will help to keep the animals safe, especially those that live in the oceans, we were very sad when we watched a video that showed lots of rubbish in the sea.  We know planting, growing and eating our own produce is healthy for us and good for the environment, this is why we are trying to grow vegetables in our school garden.  


Over the term, we have enjoyed an array of books, they have helped us to develop many of the skills we need for our early literacy development, such as phonics and mark making.  Next term, we will explore many of the different aspects of early phonics, to prepare our older acorns for their tranisiton into reception.


Have a fabulous half term, the weather forecast is looking quite nice, take advantage while you can.  Stay safe, we can't wait to have you all back for term 6, our final term of the year!