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wb - 25/04/22

Week two complete! With our new children settling in nicely, our normal routines have continued, we have been splitting into groups for our focus learning.  With our younger children enjoying stories and practising their listening and attention skills, our older children have been enjoying this week's focus book, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  They were amazing at joining in with repeated refrains and by the end of the week, we all acted out the story together.  We paid attention to the different settings in the story and used Monkey Webb, our class teddy, to practise our positional language skills. 


In maths, we met 'Eric Eight' from Ten Town and used our mark making skills to draw circles around the eight numeral in a number scrabble activity.  Some of us were even able to write the eight numeral.  


This week we got to enjoy our reward, of chocolate fondue, for filling up our marble jar.  We enjoy the challenge of working together as a team to earn our marbles.  We try really hard to learn and follow the rules and know that positive behaviour is the only way to make us feel happy and safe in our nursery family.