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wb - 28/03/22

The last week of term 5 has flown by! We have enjoyed another wonderful book by Oliver Jeffers, called 'Here We Are'.  A book about planet Earth and a guide to living well and the environmental responsiblility we, as humans, have.  We learned many facts about our planet and our bodies from our focus book. Remembering key vocabulary and functions of our body parts, such as, the brain.  We know the brain is for thinking and that we use our brain to learn.


For our phonics activity this week, we had great fun learning the initial sound of our names.  In a big circle, we went round clapping the initial sound three times, followed by our name.  For example, T,T,T, Tommy, or R,R,R,Ruby.  Try this fun game at home with your family.


In maths, we have continued to learn about size with a focus on the techniques of measuring.  We demonstrated some very good understanding of the concept, knowing that you have to line objects up at the ends, measuring from the same point.  When using a measuring tool such as, a tape measure or ruler, we know that we have to start measuring from the end or zero.


On Friday (last day of term) we had some fantastic Easter Bonnet entries, well done to our two winners!


Have a well deserved Easter break, try not to eat too much chocolate! We look forward to Acorn Class being back together on Tuesday 19th April.