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wb - 31/01/22

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With the month of January fully behind us, we kick started February by celebrating Chinese New Year.  We had such a fun-filled day, tasting new foods, listening to traditional music, making decorations such as Chinese lanterns.  We watched lion dancing, this gave us the idea to stack up crates for us to jump off.  We have been practising our balancing and jumping skills all week, because we enjoyed it so much.  


Our focus book this week was, 'Aaaarrgghh, Spider', by Lydia Monk.  It followed on nicely from last week's book, 'Ruby's Worry', because some of us in Acorn Class are worried about spiders.  Reading our focus book is helping us to recognise and understand a little more, that it is okay to be worried or scared about things and that we go through a range of emotions every day.  We talked about the different types of emotions in circle time, we had to choose an emotion and link it to a memory or feeling associated with that emotion.  We had some brilliant and lovely answers, a favourite was, "Going on a walk with my dog and family to the park makes,me happy.".


We made some sparkly spider webs, like in the story, to use for our display.  Using glitter is always a popular activity, but it really does help us to develop our fine motor skills.  You have to pinch the glitter to pick it up and then rub your fingers together to sprinkle.


It has been National Storytelling Week and because of this, we had a real treat.  We had the Year 6 children come and read us a story, we showed them how good we are at listening.  We really enjoyed having the older children read to us and are going to ask if they can do it on a regular basis. 


In maths, we have been focusing on the number five.  We are getting really fast at recognising and representing the correct amount with our fingers, when we see numbers up to five. Next week, we are going to have a break from learning about number and focus on patterns with lots of creative art and activities to end Term 3.