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wb 6.09.21

Hello everyone, nursery is back and we have had the best first full week together.  It has been wonderful meeting and settling in our new children, they have been brilliant and are enjoying exploring their new learning environment.  A big thank you to our new parents, leaving your child in a new setting and trusting new people to look after them can be very daunting, but you did it and the children are quickly adusting to their new routine.


In nursery, our exisitng children have been helping to show the new children the ropes.  They have remembered our daily routines and songs well, teaching our new children the words and actions to our daily songs, these include the 'days of the week' song, the 'good morning' and 'good afternoon' song.  


The children have been introduced to 'Monkey Webb', he is our class teddy and we use him when we have our circle time.  We went round the circle and told everyone our names, but we could only say our name when we were holding Monkey webb.  We have been learning about the class rules, we had a class discussion about what we think are a good set of rules to follow.  There were some brilliant ideas, they included - good sitting, good listening and the best one was, be kind to everyone!


In Acorn class we have a marble jar to reward positive behaviour, we are all very excited by the marble jar, because when we fill it up, we earn a treat.  We talked a lot about the marble jar this week, and we know to earn marbles we need to follow our class rules.  We have managed to get seven marbles this week, we are very pleased. 




Photos to be uploaded on Monday 13th September.