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wb- 6.6.22

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We found out this week that Billy, our travelling bear, had been to China. The children were able to remember lots of information about China having learnt about the Chinese New Year earlier on in the year. They also found out more facts and were surprised that school children march every morning and do not have a playtime like they do :) Billy had visited his panda bear cousin and we watched live webcams of pandas in some zoos across the world. We followed instructions and drew pandas using the 'Art for kids hub' website and wrote sentences about the similarities and differences between Billy and panda bears. We enjoyed our first PE lesson with Mrs Barrett, a PE specialist and explored rolling balls and stopping them with our hands. Gala Class enjoyed their first swimming lesson on Friday.  In Maths we looked at doubling numbers using paints, counters, mirrors and chalk. In Phonics we have been embedding using the digraphs-ch, sh, th, qu, ng, wh in our word building, reading and writing.