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wb 8.2.21

If your child is self-isolating or we are in lockdown due to the Covid19 restrictions please click on the link below for this weeks Home Learning activities.

Wow, what a week to end our term on, with all the excitment of snow!  It has been a privilege to share such a magical experience with our children, especially with it being the first time in the snow for our little acorns.  We have had great fun exploring and playing in our very own winter wonderland, from snow angels to snowball fights we embraced the cold weather and created lasting memories together.   


Learning about Chinese New Year was a perfect way to end our topic 'Express Yourself', understanding and respecting different cultures is vital to our development and will allow us to have the skills to be part of a wider community, which celebrations diversity and equality.  We really enjoyed learning a traditional folk story from China, 'The Great Race'.  It is a story about animals crossing a river and having years named after them.  Most children in acorn classed learned that they were born in the year of the 'Rooster'.  We had good recall of the twelve animals from the race, which make up the Chinese Zodiac and are beginning to develop an understanding for ordinal numbers.  We remembered that the rat came first in the race, followed by the ox in second place and the tiger in third.  Can you practise first, second, and third by having a race or putting three things in order?


Not sure if you are aware, but we are big foodies in acorn class and seek out any opportunity to sample new foods.  Some of us are well acquainted with Chinese cuisine and were able to name a few of our favourite dishes.   We had a little snack of prawn crackers, which were favoured by the majority, with only a few not approving.  In Chinese culture it is often custom t eat your food with chopsticks.  Have you every used chopsticks to eat your food, if you can get hold of some, why not give it a go?!


We hope you enjoy looking through our snow pictures, and all have a fantastic half term break!  See you back Monday 22nd Febraury!