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Year 1

Google Classroom

Google Classroom  - via realsmart needs to be set up, to allow you to access your child's online learning and live videos with teachers. To do this please do the following: 


1) Click on this link


2) Choose school  - St Katherine's School & Nursery  - Kent  and press continue 


3) Username  - your child's name in lower case e.g.   ruthpowell


4) Password  - stkaths123 


5) Here you can access many different Apps - such as Bug Club. Also there is Google Classroom. 


6) Click on Google Classroom and you should see your child's class name. In there is the work for the week and from next week you will be able to access live stories.  


Click on the logos below for some links to some recommended websites:



Learning at Home

If you are unable to come to school as you are self-isolating, below is your learning for the week. This matches with what we are doing in the classroom so you will not miss out. The log in details for any of the websites you might need are in front of the exercise books you took home at the end of Term 1. Please email us if you have any issues.



 Peach, Pear, Plum, Welcome to Year 1!



Peach Class

Miss Williams and Mrs Byrne


Pear Class

 Mrs Elliott and Mrs Duske


Plum Class

Mrs Kenney and Miss Gower



Term 1 2020 


Term 2 - The Toy Story

Weekly News - Week 6 - 7th-11th December.


We had a wonderful time in history, learning about and creating a toy from the past called a thaumatrope. There were fantastic design ideas with spiders on webs, fish in bowls and even a dinosaur in a cage! It was a bit tricky getting our thaumatropes to spin but with practise they did a great job making the two images spin into one image.



The children really enjoyed Christmas jumper day and their Christmas dinner with crackers and cake.  




Headteacher's Award





Peach Class -  Jay K for using his phonics brilliantly in his writing.

Pear Class -  Jenson G for his amazing effort in all his learning this week.

Plum Class - Alfie P for trying hard to work with increased independence.



Active Champion




Peach Class - Elsie-Marie R 

Pear Class - Harrison A

Plum Class - Alissa G


Spelling Award




Peach Class - Max W

Pear Class - Alfred H

Plum Class - Alice P

Weekly News - Week 5 - 30th Nov. - 4th Dec.


We have begun looking at a new book 'Traction Man is Here!' by Mini Grey. The children enjoyed using props to re-enact a part of the story where Traction Man saves the animals from the Evil Pillows!



In PE we have been having fun continuing to develop our tennis skills.


Earlier this term the children completed a cross-country running challenge. Well done to Alice P and Emily S for being the joint fastest girls in the year group and Zander K for being the fastest boy.


Headteacher's Award



Peach Class - Leo C for trying really hard with his phonics and reading.

Pear Class -  Jasmine M for being a kind and supportive friend to everyone.

Plum Class - Rosie-May W for trying hard with all her learning and being a fantastic role model.



Active Champion



Peach Class - Max W

Pear Class - Zander K

Plum Class - Hollie C


Spelling Award



Peach Class - Jensen K

Pear Class - Alfred H

Plum Class - Alice P

Weekly News - Week 4 - 23rd-27th November


This week we have had a wonderful time in design and technology where we designed, made and evaluated our own moving puppet. 






In PE we have been beginning to learn tennis skills. 



Headteacher's Award



Peach Class - Noah I for trying hard with his maths to complete his tasks independently.

Pear Class -  Louis B for his amazing effort with his handwriting this week.

Plum Class - Caitlin W for her fantastic problem solving in maths.



Active Champion



Peach Class - Jensen K

Pear Class - Jasmin WS

Plum Class - Alfie D


Spelling Award



Peach Class - Theo P

Pear Class - Alfred H

Plum Class - Alice P

Weekly News - Week 3 - 16th-20th November 


Anti-bullying Week 2020 


We began the week with 'odd sock day' to celebrate that we are all different and unique. 



We Learnt about what bullying means, why bullying happens and what to do if you are bullied. The Children had fantastic ideas about the part they can play in stopping and preventing bullying they also created their own Anti-bullying superhero.


This term in phonics the children have enjoyed learning all about consonant blends like 'lk' 'mp' and 'st'.


   In PE we have completed our first challenge 'Cup Stacking' Well done Year 1! 


Headteacher's Award


Peach Class - Max W for trying hard to use finger spaces and check his writing.

Pear Class -  Jasmin M for her fabulous poem.

Plum Class - Alice P for her fantastic ideas and poem writing in English. 



Active Champion


Peach Class - Ivy-Mae G

Pear Class - Louis B

Plum Class - Wyatt R


Spelling Award


Peach Class - Max W

Pear Class - Alfred H

Plum Class - Emily S

Weekly News - Week 1 - 2nd-6th November 


Wow, what a busy week!


We began the week learning all about road safety and the 'Green Cross Code'.


We found out about Remembrance Day and why we wear a poppy, as well as the importance of showing respect and remembering those who have died in wars.



As part of our History learning for this term we thought about what toys we like, what different toys do, and what our favourite toys are. Next week we will begin to compare toys from today with toys from the past.


We ended our week having fun and raising money to help 'Children in Need'. We enjoyed colouring Pudsey pictures and taking part in funny races including a cow boy race where the children pretended to ride a horse and twirl a lasso.




Headteacher's Award


Peach Class - Esmae H for being a fantastic learning partner.

Pear Class -  Elsie S for her amazing independence in her writing.

Plum Class - Ronnie P for his amazing phonics.



Active Champion


Peach Class - Theo P

Pear Class - Kayden A

Plum Class - Harrison G


Spelling Award

Peach Class - Theo P

Pear Class - Alfred H

Plum Class - Ronnie P

Year Group Information



In Year One we encourage the children to read everyday and the home school reading books MUST come into school everyday even if they have not finished the book.  

The children have the opportunity to change their reading book everyday and we will keep you updated when your child has read with an adult in school.  We really value your comments, so please sign and comment whenever your child has read a book.  If you would like to keep the book a little longer or revisit it at a later time, please let us know.  


Race To Read

Thank you for your support in helping develop your child's reading skills. It is wonderful to see their progress and enjoyment.

The children are enjoying gaining stickers on their class Race to Read chart.  Every day they read at home brings them a step closer to their next certificate. 

The race is on! 


Home Learning

In the exercise book your child brought home at the end of Term 1, you will find all the login details for Spelling Shed, Bug Club, Times Table Rockstars (TTRS), Purple Mash and Phonics Play.

We would like children to use Spelling Shed to complete the set games each week in preparation for our quiz on Friday. The child from each class with the highest score on Spelling Shed will be awarded The Speller of the Week Award.

Please also encourage your child to use TTRS to practise their times tables. They can also read additional books on Bug Club where they can earn points to spend in their online sticker factory.


Term 2 PE will be every Wednesday and Friday. Please  ensure that your child brings a full PE kit into school every Monday. PE kits will be sent home on Friday for washing.


Please can all items of uniform be clearly named, this includes PE kit.  Children find it very hard to identify their own tie or jumper!  



If you have any queries or would like further information, please do not hesitate to ask the Year 1 team.


Thank you.

Weekly News - Week 1 - 2nd-6th November 


We had a fantastic time in our Science lesson exploring outside to spot signs of Autumn. We crunched the brown, red and orange leaves with our feet. We saw nuts and berries. The wind was blowing and we noticed how much colder it has got.

It was lots of fun creating our own Autumn leaves.   




We have begun reading the story 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon' and even made our own egg box dragons!




In Religious Education we listened to the Bible story 'Jonah and the Whale' and discussed the moral of the story.





Headteacher's Award


Peach Class - Henry E for trying his best and working independently.

Pear Class - Autumn C for her amazing phonics.

Plum Class - Lily B for excellent effort with all her learning.



Active Champion


Peach Class - Jay K

Pear Class - Seth H

Plum Class - Oliver B


Spelling Award

Peach Class - Theo P

Pear Class - Alfred H

Plum Class - Emily S



Weekly News - 12th-16th October 


We had a fantastic time in our PE lesson when we put together all the running and jumping skills and techniques we have learnt. We had hurdle races, relay races and long jump contests. 





We found out what Black History Month is and why it is important. We listened to Floella Benjamin's story 'Coming To England' and discussed the importance of treating everyone equally and celebrating everyone's achievements. As her dad was a jazz musician we listened to different styles of jazz music and created collages.



In science we had great fun exploring the sense of taste! We closed our eyes and tried to guess the taste of sweet popcorn, salty crisps, sour sweets and bitter dark chocolate. As you can see some of us were not keen on some of the flavours!



Headteacher's Award

Peach Class - Logan E for trying hard with his learning.

Pear Class - Alfred H for his amazing writing.

Plum Class - Freddie C for challenging himself to write independently. 



Active Champion

Peach Class - Isla C

Pear Class - Carson A

Plum Class - Leo G