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Year 1


 Peach, Pear, Plum, Welcome to Year 1!

Peach Class

Mrs Rosenthal and Mrs White


Pear Class

 Mrs Elliott and Mrs Bryne


Plum Class

Mrs Kenney and Mrs Walters


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Weekly Winners!





 Head Teachers AwardSpeller of the WeekActive Champion
PeachLillie-Rose FOwen CRiley W
PearLiana AKenzie GArchie J
PlumLottie SHudson SFreya J


Term 1


In English we are reading The Colour Monster, Here We Are and Wild. We are using these books to learn how to write simple sentences.




Maths - We are learning about numbers from 0-10. We are also learning to solve addition and subtraction problems.


Science - We are learning about wild and garden plants as well as naming deciduous and evergreen trees. After that, we explore the animal groups, including invertebrates. Next, we investigate everyday materials and their properties. Finally, we will be learning to name body parts and associated senses.





Term 2


In English we begin the term using the story The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon to help the children  develop their simple sentences writing skills. We are then reading Traction Man is Here!




Maths - We are exploring positions in races and queues to begin with. Then learning to use numbers to 20 to solve addition and subtraction problems.


History - In History we are learning about The Great Fire of London, Samuel Pepys and Queen Victoria.


PE - This is an exciting term as Year 1 are all swimming, they cannot wait! In Games we are developing our skills in sending and receiving with equipment.


Term 3

In English this term we have been exploring traditional tales to help us build on our writing skills. The children love hearing these tales and they love writing all about them.




In Maths, we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We then explored height and length. We learnt how to measure things with body parts such as our hands and feet. The children soon realised that the measurements were not very accurate as we all have different sizes. So we all made our own rulers and began to measure things a little more accurately using centimetres. 

This term in Science we have been learning all about everyday materials.

In History we have been exploring our local area, the children have found it fascinating. Especially the part where we found out that a ‘Doodle Bug’ bomb hit Catts Alley in World War II.

Finally, in PE we have had gymnastics for the first time this year. Everyone has been doing so well and loved every minute. 


Term 4


In English this term we are looking at lots of stories from a book called ‘The Story Tree’. It is full of folk tales from different cultures such as ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ and ‘The Blue Coat’. We are using these stories to help improve our descriptive sentence writing and develop our story writing.


In Maths, we are exploring numbers up to 40. We are learning all about ‘Tens and Ones’ and how to compare numbers using these. We are also moving onto addition and subtraction word problems. Then finally this term we will be learning all about multiplication.


In Science, we are exploring everyday materials. We will be asking lots scientific questions like; What material is best to make an umbrella? What material would be most suitable for a dogs bed? Which materials float or sink? 

In Geography this term Year 1 will be exploring The United Kingdom, including countries and capital cities.




Year Group Information




In Year 1 we encourage the children to read everyday and the home school reading record comes into school everyday even if they have not finished the book.  

The children have the opportunity to change their reading book everyday and we will keep you updated when your child has read with an adult in school.  We really value your comments, so please sign and comment whenever your child has read a book.  If you would like to keep the book a little longer or revisit it at a later time, please let us know.  


Race To Read

Thank you for your support in helping develop your child's reading skills. It is wonderful to see their progress and enjoyment.

The children are enjoying gaining stickers on their class Race to Read chart.  Every day they read at home brings them a step closer to their next certificate. 

The race is on! 


Home Learning

The home learning expectations for the Year 1 children are to;


  • Carry-out daily reading and return record book each day. Children also have access to Bug Club and if they read a book from there please write it in their reading record as this count towards the Race to Read.
  • Spend 5 - 10 minutes daily practicing the weekly spellings on Spelling Shed, ready for their quiz on Fridays.
  • Spend 5- 10 minutes daily practicing times tables on TTRockstars. 


If you have mislaid any of your child's login details please ask the class teacher, who will be happy to assist.



Term 4 - PE




Please can all items of uniform be clearly named, this includes PE kit.  Children find it very hard to identify their own tie or jumper!  



If you have any queries or would like further information, please do not hesitate to ask the Year 1 team.


Thank you.

Additional Learning at Home

Google Classroom

Google Classroom  - via realsmart needs to be set up, to allow you to access your child's online learning and live videos with teachers. To do this please do the following: 


1) Click on this link


2) Choose school  - St Katherine's School & Nursery  - Kent  and press continue 


3) Username  - your child's name in lower case e.g.   ruthpowell


4) Password  - stkaths123 


5) Here you can access many different Apps - such as Bug Club. Also there is Google Classroom. 


6) Click on Google Classroom and you should see your child's class name. In there is the work for the week and from next week you will be able to access live stories.