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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


These are the names of our classes:


Damson Class

Miss John and Mrs White


Cherry Class

Mrs Whittaker, Mrs Terry and Mrs Shooter



Quince Class 

Miss Fraser, Mrs Medhurst and Mrs Duske






Swimming (Term 1, 3 & 6)

















Games will take place on a Tuesday for Cherry Class and Friday for Quince Class and Damson Class. Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times, including suitable footwear. For both Games and Dance please make sure that earrings are taken out. All personal belongings and clothing should be clearly labelled with your child's name. 



Year 2 will be swimming in Term 1, 3 and 6. Please see the table above to find out when your child is swimming. All children are required to bring in a towel, swimming trunks/costume and hat. Hats can be bought at the school office. 



Please see the table above to find out when your child will be visiting the library. Children must bring in their library books on this day in order for them to change it for a new one.





Damson - Christopher

Cherry -  Lenny

Quince - Cadence



In Year Two we have fun exploring many new things and we enjoy being active, confident learners.

We have English and Maths each day and an exciting range of Topic, Computing, PE, RE and
Science lessons each week.




In Year Two we encourage the children to read every day or at least three times a week. The home school reading books must come into school daily. The children have the opportunity to change their reading book every day and we will keep you updated when your child has read with an adult in school.  We really value your comments, so please sign and comment whenever your child has read.  In addition, the children have an opportunity to receive certificates for the amount of times they read at home as part of our new Race to Read challenge!


We are also introducing ERIC TIME (Everyone Reads In Class) across the school.  ERIC Time will happen every Friday afternoon for ten minutes. The aim is to encourage and inspire the children to enjoy reading. All children and adults in class will be reading at this time.




Term 1 - The Circus is coming to Town!




This Term we will be learning all about the Circus as part of our exciting and creative new topic entitled 'The Circus is coming to Town!' The Children will be learning about the history of the Circus as well as creating some wonderful Circus art and DT pieces. The children will also explore the Circus theme in Music lessons each week. 


In English children will read a book called 'Leon And The Place Between.' The book will take the children on an imaginative and magical journey to the Circus through the eyes of a character called Leon. The children will write in a range of styles to describe, story tell and inform. They will also learn how to draft and edit their work effectively.


In Maths this Term, the children will be exploring numbers up to 100, adding and subtracting and also using multiplication and division for the 2, 5, and 10 times tables.


In Science the children will learn all about Living Things and their Habitats. They will explore the local environment and consider how plants and animals are best suited to their environments.


Week Beginning 23.09.19

What a great time the children had this week when we learnt some amazing and impressive Circus skills! The children had great fun juggling, balancing feathers, spinning plates and even walking the tightrope. We were also very impressed with their wonderful outfits. The Circus really has come to Town!











Week Beginning 09.09.19

Year 2 really enjoyed exploring different materials for a circus mobile in DT. They also had great fun counting and adding numbers this week!