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Year 3




Hazel Class  

Class Teacher: Mrs Ireland


Almond Class 


Class Teacher: Mrs Wright and Mrs Hopperton


Walnut Class 


Class Teacher: Miss Enston


Year 3 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Crittenden, Mrs Brace, Mrs Howard, Mrs Passmore, Miss Powell.






 Almond -                        Almond -                           Almond - 

 Hazel -                          Hazel -                             Hazel -        

 Walnut -                        Walnut -                           Walnut - 




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Things to Remember





TERM 5 -Year 3 are doing gymnastics/dance.


P.E Kits and Uniform


We ask that all uniform is clearly named.  We expect all children to be equipped with a full PE kit: shorts, t-shirt, socks and trainers as well as a jumper and tracksuit bottoms or leggings whilst the weather is cold.

For swimming children must come equipped with a swim suit (boys trunks not shorts), swimming hat and towel.

Children with pierced ears should remove earrings for all PE sessions including swimming, and must have their hair tied back for health and safety reasons.


 Times Tables

Times tables will be practiced regularly in class. Once a term we will have a quiz. Don't forget to use 'Times Table Rockstars' to help you with your tables.

If you have forgotten your login, don't forget to ask your teacher.


 Spelling Shed

Spellings will be practiced regularly in class. Once a week(Thursdays) we will have a quiz. Don't forget to use 'Spelling Shed' to help you with your spellings.

If you have forgotten your login, don't forget to ask your teacher.



We encourage children to read as much as possible from their own books, school library and local library.  Every time they return their reading journal to school, they can move up their 'Race to Read' chart in their classroom, earning certificates as they go!

The children have all been given an 'Active Learn' login (Bug Club) so they can access books online at home.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you


The Year 3 Team

Term 6


This term we will be focusing on a new book called 'The Barnabus Project'. This is a fantastic fiction book that celebrates differences and highlights the importance of embracing your uniqueness. We will continue to look at sentence structure and descriptive devices in our writing. 


Our Geography is investigating the links between water and the weather. We will look at the water cycle and it influences the weather across the globe. 



Our Maths No Problem chapters this term focus on fractions, angles, lines and perimeters.  We will be finishing our chapter on fractions before we start to look at angles, lines and perimeters. This will be a great opportunity to look at maths in a practical way.


In Science we will be investigating light which will include the different sources of light and shadows. 


Term 5


This term we are reading Oliver and the Seawigs in English to inspire our writing. We will continue to focus on sentence structure as well the use of dialogue. 



Our History will focus on Ancient Greece. We will look at their way of life as well as the impact they still have on our lives today. 



Our Maths No Problem chapters will continue to focus on time. Afterwhich, we will look at graphs and then we will be introduced to fractions. 



In Science we are investigating the properties of different materials. We will consider the formation of rocks, fossils and soils.  

Term 4

This term we are using the beautifully illustrated book by Christina Balit to inspire our writing in English.  We are continuing to focus on using conjunctions to link clauses and sentences. 


Our Geography will focus on the structure of the Earth and plate tectonics. We will be finding out how mountains are made and why volcanoes and earthquakes occur.


Our Maths No Problem chapters this term focus on money and time. We will be recognising different denominations as well as adding and subtracting amounts of money. With time, we will begin by telling the time using 'a.m.' and 'p.m.', telling time to the minute, using analogue and digital time and telling time by using both the minute and hour hands.  We will also be applying our understanding to solve related word problems.


In Science we are investigating forces as well as extending our understanding of plants, animals and humans.

Term 3

In our history this term, we are going to be learning about Ancient Egypt. We will be finding out about Ancient Egyptian farming techniques, their beliefs and even who built the pyramids.


In our English lessons, we will be developing our sentence structure through the use of fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions. We are also going to learning how to use inverted commas to show direct speech. Our book will be Marcy and The Riddle of the Sphinx by Joe Todd-Stanton.


Our Maths No Problem chapters this term focus on measuring. We will be measuring length, mass and volume by reading scales.  We will also be applying our understanding to solve related word problems.


In Science we are investigating forces and finding about magnets. What materials are magnetic? Do magnets have a force?


In DT we are looking at what goes into making a vegetable soup. What techniques are used to cut vegetables? How are the vegetables turned into a liquid? We are looking forward to tasting our own soup too!



Term 2


This term in English we are reading a wonderful version of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, illustrated by Chris Mould.  

As well as enjoying the story, we will be developing our writing by exploring different sentence types.


Our guided reading text is Tinsel by Sibeal Pounder.


Our Maths No Problem focus for this term is Multiplication and Division. We will be looking at multiplication and division of 3, 4 and 8. Pupils will then get to use their experience of multiplication and division to solve word problems. 


In Geography the children will begin to learn about erosion and deposition in rivers, transport in cities and  the countryside and the associated pollution and trade between countries.  These topics will then be revisited at a later date. 


In History the children will learn about prehistoric times, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.


The Science lessons will begin to learn about different types of rock and soil, they will develop their knowledge of solids, liquids and gases and begin to learn about how sounds are made and heard.


In DT we will be continuing to learn about shell structures, how they work and their uses.  The children will design and make their own structure.


The children will continue to look at the work of different artists this term, Jackson Pollock and Wassilly Kadinsky, with a focus on abstract art.




Term 1

To welcome the children back this term we will be enjoying a book 'Bloom' by Anne Booth and Robyn Wilson-Owen. We will create 'blooms' of our own and start growing our own seeds.

Following on with our nature theme, in English, we are reading a book called The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. We are looking forward to seeing some exciting description and developing our prediction skills.


For our whole class guided reading, we will be reading Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. This links in with our history topic of the Stone Age.


2021-2022 Year 3 Long Term Planning

Year 3 - Where to go to your Year 3 classrooms

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A brief tour of the Year 3 classrooms.

Learning at Home



If you are isolating and need to access your learning online, this will be set on Google Classroom via Realsmart. Below are the login details you will need. This learning matches with what we would be doing in the classroom, so you will not miss out on any of the exciting topics we have.


The log in details for any of the websites you might need are in front of the exercise books you took home. Please contact the school office if you have any issues.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom  - via realsmart needs to be set up, to allow you to access your child's online learning and live videos with teachers. To do this please do the following: 


1) Click on this link


2) Choose school  - St Katherine's School & Nursery  - Kent  and press continue 


3) Username  - your child's name in lower case e.g.   ruthpowell


4) Password  - stkaths123 


5) Here you can access many different Apps - such as Bug Club. Also there is Google Classroom. 


6) Click on Google Classroom and you should see your child's class name. In there is the work for the week and from next week you will be able to access live stories.  

Click on the link below for the Remote Education at St Katherine's School & Nursery document.