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Year 4

The classes in Year 4 this year are: 


  Spruce Fir Pine
Class Teacher Mrs Ireland and Mrs Terry Mrs Kane Mr Baker
Teaching Assistants

Miss Coates

Mrs Bullock Mrs Crittenden



  Swimming (Term 1, 3 & 6) Library Games
Pine Wednesday Friday Monday
Spruce Tuesday Thursday Monday
Fir Wednesday Monday Monday



Games will take place on a Monday for Pine Class, Spruce Class and Fir Class. Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times, including suitable footwear. For both Games and Dance please make sure that earrings are taken out. All personal belongings and clothing should be clearly labelled with your child's name. 



Year 4 will be swimming in Term 1, 3 and 6. Please see the table above to find out when your child is swimming. All children are required to bring in a towel, swimming trunks/costume and hat. Hats can be bought at the school office. 



Please see the table above to find out when your child will be visiting the library. Children must bring in their library books on this day in order for them to change it for a new one. 



Every Tuesday in the first term and every other Tuesday from Term 2-6, Year 4 will be lucky enough to take part in ukulele lessons. We are fortunate to have a brilliant ukulele teacher come to the school and teach the children.


Term 3 Provision Maps

This terms provision maps can be found at the bottom of this page. 



Term 6 - Rain forests





On Friday 7th June, children in year 4 had the fantastic opportunity to learn about and hold a range of animals and insects that live in the rain forest. Some of the animals year 4 met were a giant snail, millipedes, a giant hissing cockroach, a tree frog and a corn snake. It was a great experience that the children thoroughly enjoyed. Photos from the day are below.







Term 5 - Crime and Punishment

In Term 5, Year 4's History topic will be Crime and Punishment. Throughout the term children will be looking at how crime and punishment has developed and changed through the ages. They will begin by looking at how Romans were punished and then move on to Anglo-Saxons, Tudors and Victorians. As well as this, Year 4 will be analysing sources linked to Dick Turpin.





Term 4 - Betws-y-Coed

In Term 4, Year 4 have been learning all about Betws-y-Coed. The children have enjoyed reading maps, locating places using 4 and 8 points of compass and grid references. As well as that, the children researched the village of Betws-y-Coed and compared it to Snodland. Below are some examples of the brilliant home learning that was produced. 








Term 3 - Insistent Invaders


In term 3, Year 4's topic will be Insistent Invaders. Throughout the term, we will be learning about Britain's settlement by the Anglo-Saxons. We will also be looking at the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor. We are looking forward to seeing Year 4's Insistent Invaders homework and displaying this in the classrooms and around the school. 


Visit to Kent Life

On Tuesday 5th February 2019, Year 4 visited Kent Life to take part in three Anglo Saxon and Viking workshops focusing on Invaders and Settlers, Living Like a Saxon and Saxon Entertainment. The children had a brilliant day sharing their knowledge they have learnt in the classroom as well as learning lots of new facts and information. 





Insistent Invaders Home Learning

Thank you and well done to all the children in Year 4 who completed their 'Insistent Invaders' home learning. There were some wonderful models created as well some fascinating facts and information which has been proudly displayed in the classrooms for everyone to see. It was clear to see a lot of time and hard work had gone in to the children's learning, well done! Below is just a small sample of some of the amazing work created. 








Anti-bullying Week

Odd Socks Day

As part of anti-bullying week and odd socks day on Monday, children in Year 4 and across the school described how they were different and unique by writing on their own sock. Below are some of the fantastic work created by Year 4.



Year 4 have also been creating 'Kindness Trees'. Every child has had something kind written about them by their peers.



Term 2 Art

Throughout Term 2 in Art, Year 4 have been focusing on sculptures. As well as looking at famous sculptures and sculptors, the children designed and created their own using a range of materials. They started by using foil to create artwork in the style of Alberto Giacometti. The children then used a range of techniques to create paper sculptures. Finally, the children designed their own monster pinch pots and then made them out of clay. Once dry, they painted them using their designs. Below are some examples of the amazing artwork Year 4 have created. 









Term 2 -Settlements



Year 4's topic for this term is Settlements. As part of this topic we will be identifying important features of a settlement site, using maps to locate settlements, classifying land use in settlements and finally creating their own. 


In Science this term, Year 4 will be focusing on Sound. We will be exploring how sound is made and looking at the pitch and how to change the pitch of a sound. 



Year 4 are not swimming in Term 2.


Instead of swimming this term children will be participating in Dance lessons in the hall. These lessons will require P.E kit including t-shirt and shorts. Dance will take place on a Tuesday afternoon for Pine Class, Wednesday afternoon for Fir Class and Friday afternoon for Spruce Class.  


Term 1

Throughout the term in History, we have enjoyed finding out all about the Romans and the impact they had on Britain. 


One of the highlights of Term 1 was the Great Bread Bake Off. All of the children did a fantastic job of exploring different breads, they thought about the bread they liked and then designed their own. The children were then able to create their own bread using their design. 







In Year Four, we encourage children to read every day or at least three times a week. Home school reading records are expected to come into school every day. The children will be able to change their reading book every day and will be sent home again. They will also be stamped if your child has read with an adult that day. Please sign and comment in their home school reading records whenever your child has read as they can then move up a place on our new Race to Read challenge chart. This is an opportunity for the children to receive certificates and other rewards for the amount of times they have read at home. 


Every Friday afternoon the whole school will be participating in ERIC (Everyone Reads In Class) time for ten minutes. All adults and children will be reading at this time to encourage and inspire everyone to enjoy reading. 


Home Learning 


Children will be sent home with Reading Comprehension Home Learning every Friday to be returned on the following Wednesday. They will also be sent home with 7 spellings that they are required to learn ready for the spelling test on the following Thursday. The spellings will all be based on a pattern or rule. The children will then be given 3 mystery spellings in their test based on this rule. The children's score will be sent home with their new spellings. 

Times table homework will be sent home on a Monday to practise and learn ready for the times table test on a Friday. Don't forget the children can practise their times tables online using Times Table Rockstars using the link below. Children can ask their teacher for their login if they need it. 



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