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Year 4

W/B 29.6.20. As it has been sports week this week, we have had lots of fun outside. First, we made up our own dances or fitness circuits and challenged the rest of the class to have a go. Then we had a water relay using a cup with holes in the bottom, resulting in some slightly damp competitors - even more so at the end when the remaining water was used for a water fight! The next day we tried some activities while staying seated as if in wheelchairs, giving us huge respect for all the paralympians who make it look so easy. We also had great fun hitting water bombs with a bat and catching them when thrown in the air by Mrs Ireland. Finally, we tried making our own bubble solution and ran around trying to catch the bubbles, some of which were quite a size. The children used great scientific technique to test and adapt their solution to get the best bubbles!
This week has been magical as we have been basing our learning on 'Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone'. This has involved us writing a letter to Harry inviting him to Hogwarts, writing an evil wizard character description and some dialogue between Harry and Hagrid as they walked through Diagon Alley. In the afternoons, we have made our own wizard/witch hats, found out how to do some magic using science and even had a go at our own version of Quidditch (all safely on the ground, I hasten to add!), incorporating the 2m distance rule of course, which we found quite tricky at times!

Key Worker Bubble 22.6.20

19.6.20  In the Year 4 Key Worker Bubble this week we have been learning about the problem of plastic waste polluting the world's oceans. We have enjoyed designing our own logos for plastic recycling, found out about how plastic is manufactured, including making our own in the form of slime! As well as this, we have found out about some endangered species and tried our hand at drawing some in the style of pop artist Andy Warhol.

Year 4 Key worker Bubble 19.6.20

The classes in Year 4 are: 

Fir Class

Mrs Loveland 


Spruce Class

Mrs Allen


Pine Class

Mrs Bonnett


The Year 4 Teaching Assistants are Mrs Bullock and Mrs Schofield.


The Year 4 teachers would like to say a big well done to all the children who have been completing

all their English and Maths learning at home.  Don't forget to submit what you do on Purple Mash 

so that we can see it. Please remember to read books on Bug Club.


Look after yourselves, keep up the learning and stay safe


Year 4 'Learning at Home' Stars of the Week


Fir Class - Sean

Spruce Class - Freya

Pine Class - Jack

'Above and Beyond Award'

Year 4 now have a new special award for someone who has been doing something great at home, it may

be something kind for others, raising money, learning a useful life skill or any number of other things.

This week our award goes to Amy in Spruce Class who completed a 2.6 challenge.  Well done Amy!


Year 4 Active Champions

Don't forget to be an 'Active Champion' at home with your family.

There is lots you can do at home, exercise with Joe Wicks every morning

at 9am and use Cyber Coach whenever you want, play ball in your garden 

or make up your own exercises.



Term 5 'Rainforest Rescue'


The stories for this term are The Great Kapok Tree and The Green Ship.


In Geography children will learn about the climate and environments of rainforests around the world. 

In art children will use natural materials to create images and patterns linked to the rainforest.

Environmental issues such as logging and deforestation will be discussed. 


Term 4 'Here they come again!'

This term the children began learning about further invasions of Great Britain.

First by the Anglo-Saxons and then the Vikings. 



In English we read 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'.


Term 3 Insistent Invaders

This term the children in Year 4 will be learning about the Roman empire and the impact the Romans have on our life today.  They will gain some understanding of what it was like to be a Roman soldier and will consider issues such as slavery. 



The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The children are reading the story and will be using the structure to write their own versions.  They will explore how characters feelings change throughout the story. 


Year 4 Trip to Rochester

The children loved travelling to Strood on the train and then walked across the bridge. It was a very cold day and there was lots of walking but the children were all great and enjoyed the experience.  We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who came with us. 


Term 2 - Location, Location, Location

This term we have a Geography focus. The children will be learning about the geographical features of Rochester and changes which have occurred.  They will consider the impact of development in Rochester and Snodland. 


In DT the children will make huffkins, a Kentish bread..


In English the children's work will be based on the story Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf.


Term 1 - Robots!

The children in Year 4 enjoyed a fun filled robot day to begin our new topic.  Each class had a go at being robots, giving and following commands and some had a go at making robot models.  The children discussed the many used of robots in society. 

In English the children are reading 'The Wild Robot' by Peter Brown. The story follows Roz the robot as she adapts to life on the island where her crate crashed. The children will be writing poems, recount, persuasive arguments, descriptions and fact sheets using the story as their stimulus .


Look at our lovely learning!


The children have been investigating circuits.  They all managed to work together

to create a complete circuit and light a bulb. Now they need to add circuits to the robots they have made!

Ukulele Fun

The children have worked really hard this term learning to play some simple tunes using different strokes. 

Year 4 Timetable

  Swimming (Term 1, 3 & 6) Library Games
Pine Wednesday Friday Monday
Spruce Tuesday Thursday Thursday
Fir Wednesday Monday Thursday



Games will take place on a Monday for Pine Class and Thursday Spruce Class and Fir Class. Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times, including suitable footwear. For both Games and Dance please make sure that earrings are taken out. All personal belongings and clothing should be clearly labelled with your child's name. 



Year 4 will be swimming in Term 1, 3 and 6. Please see the table above to find out when your child is swimming. All children are required to bring in a towel, swimming trunks/costume and hat. Hats can be bought at the school office. 



Please see the table above to find out when your child will be visiting the library. Children must bring in their library books on this day in order for them to change it for a new one. 



Every Tuesday in the first term and every other Tuesday from Term 2-6, Year 4 will be lucky enough to take part in ukulele lessons. We are fortunate to have a brilliant ukulele teacher come to the school and teach the children.







In Year Four, we encourage children to read every day. Home school reading records are expected to come into school every day. Now that most of the children are reading longer books we ask that reading records are sent in showing the pages which have been read. Please make sure your child understands what they have read by asking them some questions. Please sign and comment in their home school reading records whenever your child has read as they can then move up a place on our new Race to Read challenge chart. This is an opportunity for the children to receive certificates and other rewards for the amount of times they have read at home. There are also lots of books to read on Bug Club. 


Every Friday afternoon the whole school will be participating in ERIC (Everyone Reads In Class) time for ten minutes. All adults and children will be reading at this time to encourage and inspire everyone to enjoy reading. 


Home Learning 


Each week the children will bring home 10 spellings to learn. The spellings will all be based on a pattern or rule.

Times table homework will be sent home on a Monday to practise and learn ready for the times table test on a Friday. Don't forget the children can practise their times tables online using Times Table Rockstars using the link below. Children can ask their teacher for their login if they need it. 



English links


Bug Club Reading -



Maths links

Times Table Rockstars -