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Year 5

Click on the link below for the Remote Education at St Katherine's School & Nursery document.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom  - via realsmart needs to be set up, to allow you to access your child's online learning and live videos with teachers. To do this please do the following: 


1) Click on this link


2) Choose school  - St Katherine's School & Nursery  - Kent  and press continue 


3) Username  - your child's name in lower case e.g.   ruthpowell


4) Password  - stkaths123 


5) Here you can access many different Apps - such as Bug Club. Also there is Google Classroom. 


6) Click on Google Classroom and you should see your child's class name. In there is the work for the week and from next week you will be able to access live stories.  

Click on the logos below to visit some recommended websites:



Working From Home

From now on all learning will be set on Google Classroom (see above). Please email us or contact the school office if you are having any difficulties.


Don't forget all the above websites have extra learning for you to do. Your log in details and passwords are in the books you took home in term one. 


Happy learning!

The classes we have in Year 5 are:

Teak Class



Mrs Kane



Cedar Class



Mrs Bonnett



Mahogany Class



Miss Knight 


Year 5 will be supported in their learning by Miss Morphew, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Carruthers and Mrs Shooter



Year 5 Stars of the Week

Teak Class - 

Cedar Class - 

Mahogany Class - 

Year 5 Speller of the Week


Teak - Jack

Cedar - Izi

Mahogany - Neata

Year 5 Active Champion




Teak Class - Scarlett C

Cedar Class - Josh T

Mahogany Class - Lyla



Just a few reminders:

P.E kits are to be brought in on a Monday and taken home to wash every Friday. Teak and Mahogany will have P.E. on a Thursday this term and Cedar will have P.E on a Wednesday.

Home reading should take place every night. Your child's reading record can come in daily, but we ask that they read a book at home and that book can be kept at home.



Term Five

To Infinity and Beyond

This term we are focussing on our ‘Global Theme’ of technology, we will be learning about space as well as looking at the history of some technology with a focus on phones. When learning about space we will be describing the movement of the Earth, and other planets. We will be learning about the importance of the sun and the part it plays in the solar system as well as looking at the movement of the moon. We will be beginning to understand the Earth’s rotation and how we have day and night. In history, we will be looking at a timeline of phones from 1900s to present day, we will be looking at how the technology has changed over time and comparing phones from different time periods.



In English, we are reading 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.


In our reading sessions, we will be reading Skellig by David Almond.


In Maths, we will be continuing with our work on geometry and shape using Maths No Problem. You can find all work we are covering in class with your 'Maths No Problem' log ins. Please see the working from home information on Google classroom for more details.


Term Four



In English, we will be reading 'The London Eye Mystery' by Siobhan Dowd.





In our guided reading sessions, we will be reading the Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher.


In Maths we will be learning about decimals and percentages and then move onto geometry. You can find all work we are covering in class with your 'Maths No Problem' log ins. Please see 'Working from Home' above for more details.

Term Three

Turbulent Tudors


This term we will be learning all about the Tudors. We will finding out about how the Tudors came to the throne, the Tudor family tree and what life was like in Tudor times. During our history lessons we will be looking at different sources, establishing which are reliable and how we know which sources we can trust. We will use different sources and artefacts to find out more about the Tudors and Tudor life.



In English we will be reading 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. 

In our guided reading sessions, we will be reading the Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher.


In Maths we will be learning about fractions and decimals. You can find all work we are covering in class with your 'Maths No Problem' log ins. Please see 'Working from Home' above for more details.

Term Two 

Going Global


This term our topic is 'Going Global'. We will be finding out about trade and the importance of importing, exporting, and fair trade. We will be carrying out map work to show UK trade links and looking at food miles. In DT, we will be looking at global food and planning and creating our own healthy rice plate.         




In English we will be reading 'The Viewer' by Gary Crew and Shaun Tan.


In our guided reading sessions we will be reading 'The Snow Sister' by Emma Carroll.


In Maths we will be learning about multiplication and division and then moving onto graphs. You can find all work we are covering in class with your 'Maths No Problem' log ins. Please see 'Working from Home' above for more details.



Home Learning

Term Two


Each week Year 5 will be set home learning. Times Table Rock Stars and Spelling Shed have been set up for weekly tournaments (See links to these at the top of the page)

Please find other home learning and answers below:

Term One

Glorious Greeks


This term the children will be finding out about the Ancient Greeks. We will be looking at a variety of artefacts to help us investigate what life was like in ancient Greece, using primary and secondary sources to learn about the Olympics, and explore the impact ancient Greece has had on our lives today.



In English, we are reading 'The Adventures of Odysseus' by Hugh Lupton. The story follows Odysseus's journey back to his home after the Trojan War and the many adventures he has along the way. We have produced some fantastic pieces of writing, including character descriptions, setting descriptions and recounts.


Here is us writing up some of our best pieces after we spent time editing and improving our work like true authors.



We enjoyed participating in a debate on whether Odysseus should have told his men about the six headed dragon, we explored the for and against arguments and then wrote a speech which we shared with the class before arguing our points. We then wrote a balanced argument, looking at both sides and then concluding with our own opinion. 



In guided reading, we have been reading 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo.



In Maths, we began the term with place value, looking at writing numbers up to        1000 000 in digits and words, comparing numbers and rounding. We have been using our place value counters to represent different numbers and help us a great deal in our learning.

Next we will go on to learn about addition and subtraction within 1000 000. 





In Science, we are focusing on forces this term and have had amazing fun - as well as lots of learning - carrying out a variety of experiments. We have learnt that forces can make things move, change speed, change their direction or change their shape. These photographs show our rocket experiment, where we were investigating if the volume of water in the canister affects the time it takes to explode. In this experiment we learnt that:

The tablet is a bicarbonate and acid mixture. The bicarbonate reacts with the acid to produce carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 fills the space in the canister. As more CO2 is produced, the pressure increases inside the canister. The pressure is suddenly enough to overcome the friction between the lid and the canister. The lid pops off. The liquid and gas escapes rapidly which produces thrust and the canister launches into the air.
Gravity takes over so the canister falls.




This is our egg experiment, the egg was too big to fit into the conical jar, so we put three candles in the egg, lit them and put the candles inside the jar. The egg then slide into the jar - magic - or rather science. This demonstrated that although gravity is a force that pulls objects down, air resistance is a force that pushes up against it. 









We have thoroughly enjoyed creating some fantastic art work. We have made our own Ancient Greek pots out of clay and painted them. We learnt about Ancient Greek theatres and made our own theatre masks using modroc and metallic paint. We have also read the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and created our own labyrinths.







World Cerebral Palsy Day

This week we celebrated World Cerebral Palsy Day. We found out more about Cerebral Palsy and created posters about it to help others to know more about it and to be more understanding. We displayed these posters outside our classroom. Take a look on your way past.




Statutory Spelling List for Year 5 and 6

 Check out these websites to help you with your learning frown