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Year 5

Welcome to Term 5

We are very excited to be starting Term 5.

Our fantastic Year 5 teaching teams are: Mrs Allen and Mrs Chapman in Teak Class, Mrs Shepard and Mrs Riches in Cedar Class, Mrs Fitch, Miss Morphew and Mrs Schofield in Mahogany Class.

Mahogany Masterpieces

Mahogany Class took their learning outside to create London landmarks using natural materials from the field. This was linking their Art topic of Sculpture with their London topic in Geography. They worked together in groups of four or five pupils on their masterpieces. Next they will be creating London Landscape silhouettes and making their own choices for which landmarks to include. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4



This term we are really looking forward to learning all about...




The Year 5 team would like to say a massive well done to all the children for their amazing holiday home learning. We could really see that they children worked hard on these and they very much enjoyed sharing them with their peers. 



Below, you can see a few examples of the learning that will be taking place within this topic.

What do you think you will enjoy the most?


- Exploring different types of transport located in London

- Learning the importance of the underground

- Learning how to create a journey using public transport across London

- Writing a comparative report on London in the form of a leaflet

- Sketching London landmarks

- Creating a London skyline


and many, many more!


Check back here in a little while to see some of this exciting learning.



Welcome to Term 4

We are very excited to be starting Term 4.

Our fantastic Year 5 teaching teams are: Mrs Allen and Mrs Chapman in Teak Class, Mrs Shepard and Mrs Riches in Cedar Class, Mr Chesher and Mrs Schofield in Mahogany Class.


Year 5 Provision Maps

This terms provision maps can be located at the bottom of this year group page.


Book Week 2019

What an amazing week we have had in Year Five celebrating this years Book Week. We have based our learning around this story and have created some lovely pieces of writing. We have learnt all about direct speech, how to create a super setting description and brought it together to create our own story. To do this we needed to come up with characters that would fit into this story. As part of this learning we also made some of our own Tangrams, just like this one.  


As part of this week we also had great fun dressing up as our favourite books characters. The children really did enjoy this as it gave them lots of opportunity to talk about books. They were also really excited by having the opportunity to share this with family members as they too were invited in to read with the children. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for all their support with costumes and visits.

Friday came with more excitement as the children were able to meet a real author, where they learnt all about his stories and the process of being an author. They has lots of thought provoking questions for him too. I am sure that we have lots of budding Authors in our year group.

It then finished with an opportunity to celebrate all this learning by decorating trees on the playground. The children were so pleased to have their learning displayed here.

Can you find the Year 5 trees?

Can you see all the super learning?

Here are a few pictures from our weeks adventures...

      More photos are coming soon      





Term 4

This term we are very much looking forward to learning about the Indus Valley. We have attached a copy of the holiday home learning below.


We very much look forward to seeing these when you come back to school on the 25th February. 


Class Assembly


This term, Cedar class will be sharing their learning in their class assembly. They will showing it to the school on Tuesday 29th of January. They would then very much like to share with parents and guardians on Thursday 31st of January at 9.00am


Science Learning

We have been very much enjoying our science learning this term. We have been learning about how our body works. We have enjoyed finding out all about the importance of our heart and the role in plays as well as learning about the circulatory system and its components. One of these components is the blood. The children very much enjoyed creating this learning.


What can you learn about the blood?

What did you find interesting? 



Celebrating Home Learning

We very much enjoyed sharing our home learning with our class.

Here is a wide selection of learning produced.

Can you spot yours?

What do you like about them?



This term our topic is...


We are very excited to be starting our new learning journey with this topic. Here are some of the things that we will be learning about this term:


- Finding out where our food comes from and the food miles linked to it

- All about fair trade and its impacts socially and economically

- Linking to Science we will be learning all about healthy food choices by designing a healthy plate food


And much, much more.


Remember your home learning is due on Monday the 7th of January.



Can you get yours onto the website?

Check back next week to find out.




Welcome to Term 2

We are very excited to be starting our new term.

Our fantastic Year 5 teaching teams are: Mrs Allen and Mrs Chapman in Teak Class, Mrs Shepard and Mrs Riches in Cedar Class, Mr Chesher and Mrs Schofield in Mahogany Class.






Year 5 have really enjoyed continuing their learning of the Ukulele this term. They have continued to learn new chords by understanding where to place their fingers on the fret. They have also learnt new songs, playing in both unison and in rounds. The children are very much looking forward to continuing their learning journey on this instrument.









Odd Socks Day

As part of our learning linked to 'Anti-Bullying Week' the children were giving the opportunity to wear crazy odd socks. This marked the beginning of the week. 

Can you spot your odd socks below?




As well as this, the children were asked to think about what makes them special and unique. The children were given a sock template to record their thoughts. They have created some super designs.

What makes you special and unique?



This term we will be learning all about 


The Golden Age Of Islam



     This term, we will be learning about the 'Golden Age of Islam' here we will be learning all about this ancient civilization, cities within them, important buildings such as the 'House of Wisdom' as well as exploring Islam art work.

Have a look at these pieces of art, what do you notice about them?








We are very much looking forward to continuing our maths learning this term using Maths No Problem.



Our topic for science this term is linked to light. We are very much looking forward to investigating a range of things within this unit.




Class assembly 

This term, Teak class will be sharing their class assembly - the theme of this is assembly is the Ancient Greeks - this assembly will be shown to the school on Tuesday the 27th of November. The children would then very much like to invite their parents/guardians to watch this assembly on Thursday the 29th of November.




Please remember to keep an eye out for the school newsletter. Reading it is a great way to keep up-to-date with upcoming events, as well as celebrating all the wonderful activities we do at St Katherine's school.



Our timetables this year are follows:

Any changes will be communicated to the children, and updated on this page


Class Library Games


Mahogany Thursday Thursday


Cedar Monday Thursday Friday
Teak Tuesday Thursday Friday

Swimming will be in terms 2, 4 & 6

Gymnastics will be in terms 1, 3 & 5



P.E. kits should be in all week.  


Toward the end of term, the weather will be getting colder and as such, jogging bottoms will be an essential part of the P.E. kit, as games will continue outside.

We will also be taking part in our personal challenges so kit needs to be in, in order to complete these.


Have you been trying to beat your scores at home?



Home reading

Home readers are to be brought to school every day, please make a note of the page you have read up to each night and write a short note about what you have read. This can be recorded by parent/guardians or the children themselves.


I wonder who will win the reading race?







Home learning

We would like to thank you for your continued support with home learning. Here is just a reminder of when the home learning is set and when it is required to be back in school.


Reading comprehension - set Friday and in on Monday

Spellings - set Friday and in on Monday

Maths reasoning - set Monday and in on Friday

Also don't forget to try and read daily to win the race to read. 




As well as a weekly spelling detective homework, children will need to be working on learning a list of statutory spellings each term.  These will be tested in class.  It is important that children know the spelling and meaning of these words.  Please see the document below for the termly lists.


Times Tables

Don't forget to keep learning your times tables and to log on to times table rock stars.

Have you got what it takes to be a rock hero?



Statutory Spelling List for Year 5 and 6

 Check out these websites to help you with your learning frown