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Year 6



In Year 6, our teachers are Mrs Holt, Mr Baker and Miss Clutterbuck. 

We will be supported in our learning by Mrs Sallnow, Miss Blackman, Mrs Riches, Mrs Brace and Mrs Clark.

Click on the link below for the Remote Education at St Katherine's School & Nursery document.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom  - via realsmart needs to be set up, to allow you to access your child's online learning and live videos with teachers. To do this please do the following: 


1) Click on this link


2) Choose school  - St Katherine's School & Nursery  - Kent  and press continue 


3) Username  - your child's name in lower case e.g.   ruthpowell


4) Password  - stkaths123 


5) Here you can access many different Apps - such as Bug Club. Also there is Google Classroom. 


6) Click on Google Classroom and you should see your child's class name. In there is the work for the week and from next week you will be able to access live stories.  


Click the logos below to visit some recommended websites:



Working at Home this week:

Welcome back Oak Class! To kick off Anti-Bullying Week, Oak Class have made a quick video for you all!



And to finish Anti-Bullying Week, here is our latest video about being Friends!!

We are looking forward to seeing Oak class back at school this week. Ash and Elm (and any of Oak class who can't come to school) will be continuing with the work set below. All classes, whether in school or working at home, will be following similar plans.

Here we go again! We apologise for the inconvenience and upset not being at school may cause however we know that Year 6 are fantastic at persevering and working hard regardless of the situations they find themselves in. Once again, all lessons and work are laid out below. The virtual classroom and website links are still available above to hep you. Please try to complete the English, Maths and Guided Reading lessons each day and then choose the topics that you are interested in and have a go at as many as you can. You do not need to print anything but can complete all work in your orange books you were sent home with last time. Whilst you are at home, we have set up a TT Rockstars Battle! Get practising your times tables and help your class achieve a prize for when you are back at school. This week has two special days that some of your learning is based on - Remembrance Day and Children in Need day. Feel free to explore these in different ways if you wish. It is also Road Safety Week so there are some videos and quizzes for you to explore based on that.

Any problems, please email the school or use the blog to contact us. We will see you back at school soon!

Mrs Holt, Miss Clutterbuck and Mr Baker


Welcome back... again!

We have had a very busy first week of Term 2. We caught up with our friends after an unexpected longer time off than normal and worked hard to get back into the swing of our new normal. Some of Year 6 completed their Kent Test this week which was nice to finally get it done! The rest of the classes completed team building and maths challenges.

All of Year 6 completed in a Cross Country competition. We had to run around the entire school 3 times! Well done to Oakley and Charlotte who were the fastest boy and girl in the year group. We are going to repeat our run and try and improve our scores next week.

Year 6 also started back at swimming this term. Please check when each class is swimming as it changes weekly.

Have a look below at the certificates awarded this week and well done to those achieving them!

Learning From Home: Week 1

So here we are at the end of the first term in Year 6; it’s certainly been an interesting one! We joked at the beginning of the year when writing letters to your future selves, that none of last year’s Year 6s would ever have predicted how their year would go – well, I wonder if any of you predicted we would be back in a mini lockdown before the first term was even over!

Well done to everyone who has kept up with working hard at home. This week, all of your lessons are again laid out below. There are daily English and Maths Challenges, daily English and Maths lessons, daily Well-Being videos and then a collection of other topic lessons for you to explore. If you don't manage to get through everything (or there are things you missed last week), you can always revisit them over half term.

Hopefully, you should have all received a call from a Year 6 member of staff to see how you’ve been getting on – if you haven’t, please let the school office know.

We’ve enjoyed seeing how you’ve been getting on at home so if you’d like us to see any of the work you’ve produced, please email it to the school office.

Have a great week Year 6!

Mrs Holt, Miss Clutterbuck and Mr Baker

Hi everyone! What an unexpected start to the week that was! We hope you are all ok and have everything you need. This page has all your lessons for the week (and some extras too!). Use the Year 6 virtual classroom below for links to all of the websites you received your logins for. It also has some links to some other interesting learning opportunities. Remember to keep your body active as well as your brain. You have your Cyber Coach login and of course you can always go back to PE with Joe Wicks (Oak are pros now!). Why not use this time to give yoga or guided mediation a go? There is a link in the virtual classroom if you want to try it.

Please feel free to share your learning with us by emailing with the subject FAO Year 6 Teachers.

Please note: Some lessons are using YouTube to support children's learning. When using the YouTube links with your child, supervision is required as the age for using YouTube is 13 years old linked to online marketing.


We look forward to seeing you all again soon! 

Mrs Holt, Miss Clutterbuck and Mr Baker

Week 5


Oak, Ash and Elm have been learning about using comic strips to plan and develop writing. We created our own comics to predict a story and then used them as a plan to write a narrative. We found having a visual guide and speech bubbles really helped focus our writing.

In Maths, we have been learning about different methods to solve division questions. We have had to work hard to help each other and have had lots of discussion about which method is best to use.

We have been discussing E-Safety and Cyberbullying in our classes this week. We have been discussing how our actions, which may seem funny to us, can actually upset others. We looked at different scenarios and decided what action was best to take in each one. We had a go at doing the right thing in a virtual game. Why not try it at home?


Reminder: Next week is the Kent Test.



This week, Year 6 have started a new book in English called Atomic! It is about two boys sent to be 'normal' at a school when they are secretly superheroes! It's funny and inspires us to not only write better but to be better too! We have also enjoyed exploring different text types in Guided Reading and have been inspired to try different genres in our reading. We have been working hard on multiplication this week. It's been challenging but we have persevered and are starting to get the hang of it now! We haven't enjoyed the rain this week and hope it will be better next week!

Week 3

In Year 6 this week, we have been working really hard! Last week, we faced our first taste of SATs so this week we have been looking through our papers to see how well we did and thinking about our own targets to improve.

We are enjoying our morning mindfulness and afternoon well-being sessions. We use our positivity journals daily to help keep us happy and healthy both physically and mentally. 
“I really like going outside for walks as they calm me down.” Ethan, Oak. 
“I enjoy the sessions because they give me a good boost of confidence.” Florence, Oak. 


Week 2


This week, we started a new science scheme and it was amazing! We are focusing on forces, magnetism and simple mechanisms this term. In our science lesson this week, we made rockets explode! We planned the experiment, chose the variables and carried out the experiment. It was loud. It was messy. It was fun! And of course we did learn a lot... like to be careful that the rockets don’t dent the ceiling tiles (shhhh... don’t tell anyone!!). We absolutely cannot wait until our next science lesson! Check out the photos and videos below of the lesson.

We also had our second leadership training session with Mrs Barrett. This week, we all got the opportunity to lead. We learnt about verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating and found out that leading children in physical activity is harder than we thought. We are really enjoying these sessions though and starting to feel more confident in being leaders.

Scroll down to find out our Active Champions and Stars of the Week!

Oak Experiments!

Still image for this video

Stars of the Week and Active Champions!

Week 1


We have had a great first full week back. In Maths, we have started off our Maths No Problem learning and have been revising place value. In English, we have been revising some SPAG skills to help us in our writing. We have been continuing to enjoy our mindfulness and well-being time and have been trying lots of art this past week. On Thursday, Mrs Barrett - a PE Specialist - came to work with us to teach us leadership skills which was fun. She will be working with us all term and we are looking forward to putting our new skills into practice. It’s been great settling back into school life and although we know we have lots of work to do, we are ready for the challenge ahead!





Welcome back! Get ready for your best (and last!) year ever at St. Katherine's. It has been a very long time since we have seen most of you but we are so excited to begin our Year 6 journey. Have a look at all the information below to help you have a fantastic year. We will update this page regularly so keep checking back!


The first few days have been full of fun activities to help us settle back into our new 'normal'. We have started our Positivity Journals, written letters to our future selves, had a go at some tricky arithmetic, tried yoga and meditation and done lots of art and PE. A busy but great week!


Oak Class spent some time thinking about what the year ahead may look like. Take a look at the class trailer for their last year at St. Katherine's:

Oak Class having a go at guided meditation

Still image for this video

Get Active!

According to Government guidelines, every child should spend at least 60 minutes a day being active. Half of that should be done in school with the other 30 minutes being done outside of school hours. How active are you? Click the logo to find out about how you can be more active, learn some cool facts and try out some tasty recipes!