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Year 6


In Year 6, our teachers are Mrs Holt, Mr Baker and Miss Clutterbuck.  We will be supported in our learning by Mrs Crittenden and Mrs Hickling.





Week 5!


This week, Year 6 haven been learning about how earthquakes are formed and how destructive they can be. We enjoyed researching different earthquakes and presenting our facts.

"I found out that there were an estimated 300,000 fatalities in the Haiti Earthquake." Jack

"Sometimes there can be earthquakes that we don't even know have happened." Ella

We have been focusing on practising our handwriting and found it fun to get back to presenting our work beautifully.

We have also created interesting artwork based on tornadoes - we are looking forward to finding out more about these next week.


Week 4!


The rain hasn't dampened our spirits this week, just our feet! We published our best chapter from the quest stories we wrote last week and they look great! We are so proud of our efforts.

We have been continuing to develop our roles leading in our various clubs and lunchtime responsibilities and have settled into our jobs well.

Alyssia said, "I enjoyed working with my friend to solve maths problems this week."

Hayden said, "I worked hard writing my quest story and am proud of how it turned out. I also enjoyed creating my own bookmark."

Riley said, "I have been working hard to improve my behaviour and haven't had any problems this week so that's good!"


Week 3!


We have had a good week writing our own quest stories. We planned the first chapter together and worked really well building on each other's ideas. We then took the quest in our own directions. We will be publishing our stories for display next week.

In maths, we have been building up our confidence in written multiplication and learning about BIDMAS.

Some clubs started this week and it's been great getting stuck in to our music lessons and new sports.

Some of our E-Safety crew have been working very hard wit Arty Party to create a fantastic piece for our computer room - watch this space for photos! The Year 6 Librarians have also been working hard tidying up and organising the library ready for use. It was difficult to not just stop and read all of the books but we got there in the end!


Week 2!


It’s been a busy week in Year 6! Lots of the year group took the Kent Test this week and whatever the outcome, we know they all tried their best. Meanwhile, the rest of the year group worked on designing, creating and testing their own maths based board games... lots of fun and lots of maths! 

In English, we got stuck into reading Barrow Quest. We get to choose which chapter to read next and are finding it really interesting exploring the different worlds with Lin. We are looking forward to creating our own quest stories next week.

Year 6 also found out this week who had been voted in for various jobs and responsibilities this year. Well done to everyone who put themselves forward for a role and a special well done to those who were chosen to represent the school; we know you’ll do a fabulous job!

Finally - well done to all the Secret Students this week that gained their class a marble. We love seeing all the fantastic behaviour and hope it continues!

Next week, we are looking forward to starting our new roles and getting stuck into the new clubs starting.  


REMINDER! All of Year 6 pupils should be reading everyday and returning their reading records everyday. Please make sure an adult at home signs your reading record at least once a week. For every time you read at home, you will move up the Race to Read chart.


Week 1

Welcome back! Get ready for your best (and last!) year ever at St. Katherine's. We are so excited to begin our Year 6 journey. We have already been working hard and getting stuck into the challenges of Year 6. We have written adventure stories about books that come to life which has inspired our reading and then we designed and wrote about our own imaginary creature. We have also begun our first Maths No Problem topic and have found that, with a bit of effort and teamwork, maths really is no problem!

We have written speeches to apply for the jobs and responsibilities we would like to do this year. Check back next week to find out how we got on with those!


Remember to keep practising your times tables by logging on to Times Tables Rockstars.

Have you got what it takes to be a rock hero? Click the logo to start playing now!




Get Active!

According to Government guidelines, every child should spend at least 60 minutes a day being active. Half of that should be done in school with the other 30 minutes being done outside of school hours. How active are you? Click the logo to find out about how you can be more active, learn some cool facts and try out some tasty recipes!





Race to Read!

The Race to Read Challenge has started again! Well done to those children who have already remembered to return their reading books. Remember to read your book everyday and to record your reading in your Reading Record and bring it to school each day. 





In English this term , we are basing our writing on Quest Stories. We will be reading Barrowquest as a class and creating our own version of a non-linear quest story. We will be developing our fiction and non-fiction skills in range of different text types. We will use our topic as a stimulus for writing too.

We  will also be focusing on punctuation and grammar objectives and encouraging children to use them on their writing, such as types of conjunctions and parenthesis.



In our Maths lessons, we will following our new Maths No Problem scheme.

To help your child, we advise to regularly practise times tables and corresponding division facts. Remember to keep using Times Tables Rockstars!





Things you need to know...




Oak Class will have Games on Wednesdays and Swimming on Mondays and will also be running the mile and completing our personal challenge each week so PE kits in everyday please! They will visit the School Library each week on Wednesdays.

Ash Class will have Games on a Tuesday and Swimming on Fridays. They will visit the School Library each week on Wednesdays.

Elm have Swimming on Mondays and Games on Wednesdays. They will visit the School Library each week on Wednesdays.


Home Reading - Race to Read!


This year, St. Katherine's have introduced a 'Race to Read' challenge. We still expect children to complete 10 minutes of daily reading that should be recorded in their Home-School Reader book.  These record will be checked in class daily. New to this year is that for every day that a pupil reads, they will move up one place on the Race to Read chart. At different stages along the chart, there are awards to be won.

We are very lucky to also have access to Active Learn Bug Club where books are allocated to children online.  Children can access these books on computers or tablets and complete their reading.  This can be done along side the book sent home from school and can be monitored online by class teachers.  Use the link below to access your account. 

If you have any ideas for his page? Why not let your teacher know!

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