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Year 6


In Year 6, our teachers are Mrs Holt, Mr Tweddle, Mrs Bonnett and Miss Clutterbuck.  We will be supported in our learning by Mrs Sheehan, Mrs Hickling, Mrs Sallnow and Miss Blackman.

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Year 6 have started practising for our Year 6 play: Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies! We have already uncovered some surprise talents within the Year Group and are looking forward to wowing everyone with our play in a few weeks. Year 6 are bound for fame!


Year 6 have been completing their SATs tests this week. All our hard work has paid off as we are feeling confident and relaxed as we tackle each test. We have also been enjoying some well earned rest time each afternoon after completing our daily revision.



Term 5 is all about consolidating all of our hard work throughout the year as we work towards both our SATs and preparing to move up into our chosen Secondary schools.


We have been linking our writing to our SPaG revision and also to our History topic – WW2. We are continuing to focus our English lessons on revising and applying our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar skills and are really pleased with the improvements we are making.


In our maths, we have focused on working through our Maths No Problem scheme as well as adding in some extra arithmetic and reasoning work in the afternoon. We have especially enjoyed using the IPADs to help us revise! Of course, after all that hard work, we do enjoy a little relaxation time at the end of the day too!


Year 6 are always producing fabulous work and there are plenty of places around the school to see this celebrated. Check out our Board of Excellence and the Amazing Work of the Week board.






We have been starting to learn about WW2 and have begun to focus our English writing on what we have learnt and also on Michael Morpurgo's 'Friend or Foe'.

We have written letters as an evacuee back home to parents describing our experiences. It has really made us think about how it would have felt.

Have a look at the Oak Class letters on display in their classrooms.





Welcome back! The weeks are flying by for our last year at St. Katherine's Primary School but don't worry, we still have so much to look forward to.

In English this term, we will be doing lots of SPAG revision and using it in our writing. We will be looking at creating mini-sagas this term and challenging ourselves to add twists to our writing.

We will be continuing with Maths No Problem. We are really enjoying the collaborative way of working and have seen lots of improvements in our reasoning and thinking skills.

In Geography, we will be travelling (metaphorically!) around the world exploring different weather and climates.

Our Science topic is all about Living Things - classifying them, recognising them and explaining how they survive.



Remember to keep practising your times tables by logging on to Times Tables Rockstars.

Have you got what it takes to be a rock hero? Click the logo to start playing now!




Get Active!

According to Government guidelines, every child should spend at least 60 minutes a day being active. Half of that should be done in school with the other 30 minutes being done outside of school hours. How active are you? Click the logo to find out about how you can be more active, learn some cool facts and try out some tasty recipes!








Watch out! There are zombies about! In English over the next few weeks, we will be basing our writing on the book 'Melvin McGee: Zombie Hunter'. We have been writing instructions on how to survive a zombie apocalypse this week - let's hope we never actually have to make use of them. If you are not sure what a zombie actually is, don't worry - we will soon be writing non-chronological reports to explain what they are!






We have also been continuing with our house team spelling bee in our classes before the rounds move onto competing against the rest of the year group - make sure you are practising your Year 5 and 6 Spelling words often.

We are getting into the swing of daily homework and are finding the 'little and often' approach really helpful. Remember, you can always request additional reading homework from your class teacher if you would still like that.





Welcome back! We hope you've had a great Christmas and New Year and are ready to get back to school. We are excited to get stuck into the next Chapter in Maths No Problem: Measurement (we just won't measure our waistlines after all the Christmas chocolate!).

In English, we will be looking at Fairy Tales told from an alternative perspective.

We will be looking at the Americas in Geography with a focus on comparing landscapes using maps and atlases.



A 'super' term!



Oak Class Walk on Wednesday Winners


The KM Charity Team ran a ‘Walk on Wednesday Christmas Challenge Day’ for the most children in a class that used ‘Green Travel’ to get to school and we were SO pleased to announce that out of the many Classes in Kent schools that took part Oak Class won.


Oak Class had an amazing trip to Wagamama's in Maidstone for a Healthy Living Workshop and then they hopped next door to the Hazlitt Theatre to watch their panto – Aladdin.


Lily said, “I liked it when we got to make and taste our own drinks.”


Sam said, “I liked the ‘Genie of the Ring’ because she was really funny.”


Lilly-Mae said, “My favourite part was when Aladdin was on the magic carpet and it actually flew up!”





Last week saw the Year 6 boys champion over the girls in our Times Table Roackstars tournament - well done to everyone who practised their tables though. Keep it up!

We have been enjoying continuing to look at Comic inspired writing in English and have looked at many different techniques to improve in our writing.

This week, we are very excited to be going to Maplesden Noakes to see their pantomime and Oak Class are doubly excited as they get to see the pantomime at the Hazlitt theatre the following week!



What have we been up to this week?

It's been another great week jam-packed full of learning! I'm sure you've heard about our Times Table challenge. It's the last week of the tournament this week so make sure you're all logging on and getting your class the points!

All classes have been learning about WW1 this week and have created some artwork and poems based around what they have learnt. Look out for these on display around Year 6.

We have been working hard on improving our personal bests in PE this week. We have also been incorporating PE into our arithmetic lessons - active, healthy minds make for better maths brains too!





Welcome back! It's been a great start to the term. We loved our Superhero day to kick off our English writing topic - so many fantastic costumes which we loved writing about. We also wrote engaging story openings using humour and questioning. We  even had a Hero Fashion Show - we've never seen so many moonwalking Supermen!


This term, we are looking forward to our new topics (see below!) and will be carrying on with the Year 6 Times Tables Rockstars tournament. We will be visiting Maplesden Noakes to see Aladdin (look out for the letter!). So many things to look forward to!





It's Not Maths!

Our teachers have challenges us to find something that doesn't involve maths... so far we haven't been very successful as maths seems to be in everything! If you have any ideas, let your teacher know.


Race to Read!

Congratulations to those children who have made it to the first milestone in the Race to Read Challenge by reading everyday for the past 30 days! Fantastic! Remember to keep up the good work and keep bringing in your reading records. Do you have any good book recommendations? Let your teacher know about them!






In English this term , we are basing our writing around 'Atomic1. We will be developing our fiction and non-fiction skills in range of different text types.  We will use our topic as a stimulus for writing too.

We  will also be focusing on punctuation and grammar objectives and encouraging children to use them on their writing, such as types of conjunctions and parenthesis.



In our Maths lessons, we will following our new Maths No Problem scheme.

To help your child, we advise to regularly practise times tables and corresponding division facts. Remember to keep using Times Tables Rockstars!



In our Science lessons this term, we will be looking at Electricty. We will focus on circuits and how to design and build electrical toys. We will end the term with a Dragon's Den special where we try to sell our electrical inventions!



In our History topic - Ingenious Inventions - we will be learning about life in Victorian Times. We are hoping the Victorian punishments are not used in our lessons though! 




Things you need to know...




Oak Class will have Games on Wednesdays and Gymnastics on Mondays and will also be running the mile and completing our personal challenge each week so PE kits in everyday please!

Ash Class will have Games on Tuesdays and Gymnastics on Wednesdays.

Beech have Games Mondays and will have gymnastics on Fridays.

Elm have Games on Wednesdays and Gymnastics on Mondays.



Library sessions:


Oak Class will visit the library on Wednesdays.

Ash Class will visit the library on Wednesdays.

Beech Class will visit the library on Tuesdays.

Elm Class will visit the library on Wednesdays.

Home Reading - Race to Read!


This year, St. Katherine's have introduced a 'Race to Read' challenge. We still expect children to complete 10 minutes of daily reading that should be recorded in their Home-School Reader book.  These record will be checked in class daily. New to this year is that for every day that a pupil reads, they will move up one place on the Race to Read chart. At different stages along the chart, there are awards to be won.

We are very lucky to also have access to Active Learn Bug Club where books are allocated to children online.  Children can access these books on computers or tablets and complete their reading.  This can be done along side the book sent home from school and can be monitored online by class teachers.  Use the link below to access your account. 

If you have any ideas for his page? Why not let your teacher know!

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